8 Replies to “Lavender”

  1. Ah, beautiful painting Doron ! I can feel fantastic fregnance of lavenders❤❤❤❤
    English lavender is my favorite herb ❤
    I have lavenders in pot in my balcony but very difficult to take care of them in summer here . How lucky you are to have them , a field of them …..
    If I where there, I would make Lavender tea,lavender sugar, lavender lemon cake , lavender sop , lavender bath salt , lavender potpourri ,………….. 😃❤❤❤❤
    By the way I ‘ve bought a lavender kitchen witch from that witch shop!!!! 😃

    1. Violet I adore you! You are welcome to come and visit me but meantime send me all the recipes as it sound great I also love the fregnance of it. I don’t do much as they grow year after year I even took some cuttings and plant few more. I love your witch story and connection and I was checking to see outside the window last night, you must have passed very quick… xx

  2. This is a wonderful scene Doron – your beautiful painting of this lavender field gives us a wonderful summertime feel.

    1. Mary I try to feel the same but at the moment we have such a storm and heavy rain… It will change in a minute. But you are right the feeling of summer is here and it is warm. Thank you for your comment and hope the summer last I am sure the lavender smell will.

  3. Oh that is so lovely Doron ! Imagine opening the window to have that to see & breathe in it’s calming influence …
    aaaahhh … Poppy loves Lavender ….

    1. Poppy good to smell you around hope you are well and enjoy every second to go out and enjoy the good country side in this superb weather. Lavender always is good with me I tried several lavender cakes and that was nice too…

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