16 Replies to “Chiddingstone Post Office”

    1. Thanks mate It is not very me details I like the abstract and loose painting so you can get involved in the concept and results. But sometime I have to prove to myself that if needed I can also put some details.. for everything we have cameras.

  1. I like your loose work as well, Doron, but this is really elegantly drawn, and that mass of trees in the background is gorgeous. As usual, the colours are lovely. I’m not mad about drawing cars, myself, I try and avoid them at all costs. My son criticises anything with wheels that I draw, says they would fall to bits; but then he trained (reluctantly) as a mechanical engineer! I do enjoy your blog, and it is great to hear from you, hope the painting goes on helping your health. There’s nothing like looking at things to make one relish life.

    1. Cara thank you I respect your views very much and modest agree I am sure you are good so don’t let anyone spoil your work how educated or professonal they are. The more you do it the better you get but we can’t expect to be good in all subjects. I must admit that without painting my health would probably will deteriorate more. It save my life and gave me some frame of mind a purpose. At times it help like a good pain killer and it is amazing how it help. OK not always but it is there to think about and I feel very privileged to found it. I often try to introduce it to people who suffer also and it is a joy to see some who use this super medicine. Thank you for your interest and friendship which I appreciate very much.

    1. Katleen thank you it is a very nice village and many come to visit well worth a visit if you happened to come around. We have an invitation to paint next door at the castle on our outdoor painting but at the moment we have too many places to visit so it will need to wait. Thanks again.

  2. This is an awesome piece Doron! I truly like the street scene you captured – your detail brought the little nuances of the street to life. It’s well done and it had me staying awhile with the painting as I kept finding neat things throughout!

    1. Mary thank you very much it is inspiring it did not take me long to paint but you made me go back and have a look. I am not undermine your great comment but I am all the time learning painting with this complex called water colours. But more then that the painting give me such a great pleasure and listening to important people like you make it very fulfilling. It is a very enjoyable journey even when we have bad days but it is the people who I meet and involved that make it so meaningfull for me, thank you.

    1. Thanks Violet it is the place that inspire you when you visit. One small street and a castle which we have an invitation to paint soon.

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