Knole Park

Another MOPS meeting, due to the heat we found the first tree to shelter under.. and did not walk as far as we initially planned too in a near by location.. After all you can paint anything if you want too…

Knole Sky

I have a small blog for some of my experiments with my portraits and life enjoy.

20 Replies to “Knole Park”

    1. Another superb place to visit in the area… I am sure you will see few paintings from Knole Park as we also visit the place with our art club. very beautiful and aggressive deers if you have food… thank you for your comment.

  1. exceptional work, Doron, love the trees especially.. i thought for sure I heard a robin and smelled licorice for some reason heh… very nice setting and painting

  2. Ah, another beautiful painting Doron !
    I old like to walk in that road ( not fly , this time , walking ! )
    Can feel fresh air from hereπŸ˜ƒβ€

    1. Shall I order a Taxi? you always welcome by any means of transport.. Only thought you like to practice your flying and have more hours practice towards your licence.. ha ha Thank you.

    1. Jenny, here we don’t get the chance to see too much brown dusty… Ho no, the summer is sort of now you see me now you don’t.. and clearly more of now you don’t. Luckily as artist they give us that licence to use any colours we like. They say the grass is always green next door… So whats wrong with rain most of the time? I check to make sure I type quietly and only to send my replies when you are awake… Try the green and yellow if it is too hot.. ha ha good day.

    1. Cynthia my dear friend, thank you so much for thinking about me. I apologise but I don’t do awards as I have received the biggest award ever when people like yourself and the rest of my friends here visit me everyday and share something I so much enjoy doing. Thank you for understanding x

  3. This is a lovely painting, Doron. You obviously enjoyed being in Knowle Park. I just really like the colours in this. Great trees! The kind of painting that makes one feel good.

    1. Thank you very much, your comment well apreciated and long is the way for me to be there but it is a super happy route thanks for your support and enjoy.

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