15 Replies to “Sunday Morning”

    1. Thanks Deb I am glade you noticed it was a good spot, as I felt like that. It strange once you are in place how much you find interesting and potentialy worth painting.

        1. That is indication that you are normal… Just paint a big sun sit under an umbrella and can last for ever.. Don’t forget a drink or two.

          1. You made me laugh! Thank you for that. Next winter when there hasn’t been a sun for days I will remember to paint myself an umbrella and get myself a glass of wine or two! 🙂

    1. Thanks Mary we always do. All we need is just a canvass, paint and a brush the fresh air is free.. Hope the weather continue to be kind with us as we are all enjoying the outdoors painting. Do you work outdoor or mainly from photographs?

      1. Hi Doran, great question. I hold oil pastels when painting so it becomes difficult to work outside as our weather is so hot the OPs get too slippery to hold onto properly to paint with – so all my painting is done indoors. I get my inspiration from photographs, but more often than not my imagination takes over and I end up changing colors, subjects/objects in the scene which truly allows me to create the image I see in my mind. Hope that this helps.

        You keep mentioning the weather – how hot has it been getting where you live?

        1. England never too hot but after so many years you get climatised. I understand your reply as I never tried to use your media. I also start looking at something and after it imagination. I think it is always your feel your interpetation. Often I did not bring a picture to my oil class as I have seen few before and I developed it my way. When I was told to bring something I brought only black and white photo as I explained and it works in both cases I know what a tree look like so is with everything else… how I see it, it is different and here I like to do it my way. I find it often in painting that I start looking at something for so long and once I feel I used it I complete the rest with otu looking at all. It was hard when I tried to do portraits, so if I wanted a good look alike I had to continue looking but if it was my version I ended finishing the subject my way. Colours is complete a different issue as often I try to have red orange sky and so on… It is a wonderful world. Sorry to keep your attention away from your target this week, ignore me and reply when you are free or on a break. Thanks.

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