44 Replies to “View from my Window”

    1. Thanks I was working recently with a great artist I very much like Carole Robson she is doing great meadows and flowers. I found her when I was in hospital and luckily she is from my neck of the wood.

    1. Marina you must have a computer in your head, there is nothing pass you by that you miss and I say it on the positive side. You are very much alive and always positive thank you very much! There is not a site I go too and I don’t see you smiling at me… good on you.

        1. It might be quick but it is great and show yout talent we are all different and I am sure you can also drop some paint if you wnated too. Enjoy what you are doing as we do watching it.

    1. Hi Tim, thank you very for once the paint did not mixed up mind you it is all good until heaven open up…. Maybe an idea for the next painting.

        1. So true… We normally sit outdoor painting and all over a sudden everything attract your canvass… and that is after you asked yourself, what is here to paint… take care my friends hope you are all well and enjoying the summer.

      1. Not usually but the last few weeks we have had icy Antarctic winds that have been around 100 km an hour, lots of trees blown down, but luckily not in my garden!

  1. This is really , really beautiful Doron ! Beautiful clouds and beautiful colors grasses …… ❀
    I really love itπŸ˜ƒβ€

    1. Thank my super friend it is great to see you enjoying this one also. I stood up and painted it quick quick as always…. before it was raining

  2. “View from My Window” is such a lovely, delicate painting, Doron – wonderful the way you have got the movement of the plants, and the colours are very subtle. One can feel the seasons changing. Good to know you get so much from creating your artwork, and great that you share it with so many others. Also nice that you have such an inspiring view outside your window. I’ve been clearing out my studio today, in preparation to getting down to some new work, and I am looking forward to it….

    1. Hi Cara thank you and I must admit it was pleasing to paint it for once I manage to control it. For several days you did feel as if was pushing towards autumn but that was too early. I love sharing with people and if it give anyone joy it please me more then anything. It is a very beautiful world that sometime we take for granted and the little details make it so special. Good luck with your next task I am sure you will do it proud the Cara way as always. Hope to get a taste of it, enjoy.

    1. Jenni we are all inspired by each other that is the beauty of our relation and by trying and practicing we get better enjoy every stroke and thank you for feeling that we are all part of your world and painting.

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