30 Replies to “Little Landscape”

    1. Thank you so much, as it is an oil painting it will take some time to dry before it gets a coat of varnish so I’ll watch it often as it stand in the corner.

  1. I’m never the first to say it…but, ah, the colors!!! 🙂 You have a special talent, Doron

    1. Thank you so much for such encouragement comment.. I have fair distance to go but it is great to know that you appreciate my work. I did dropped in to visit you also and I love your work too and joy to stroll in your colours range you use very tasty

  2. Those colours……………………. Just beautiful! I love seeing blues and pinks/peaches meshed in with one another, they make for such gorgeous contrast!

    1. Thank you that is very kind comment I really appreciate it. I often try to express what I see and the way I feel about it.. It does get colouful and hopefully make people smile watching the beautiful world around us.

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