They keep telling us that we are going to have more showers… they forgot it is nearly September…

Late showers


29 thoughts on “Showers

    • I love the country as a all. Luckily with our outdoors group we manage to get everywhere or nearly and the sea is not a far distance from us. Thank you for your kind comment.

    • Carol thank you very much, I was afraid once I put the rain it got a bit greyish, but once it dried it turned clearer so at least we have some hope also for good weather beyond this rain. I think the rain made the painting much brighter too.

    • Violet thank you so much, I do see a style developed but I feel I have to continue and work as I have some ideas what I try to get and the road is so long to reach but also so much enjoyable. It is always easier and better when I have nice people like you around together we shall get far learning from each other.

    • Thank you Jenni it is great to sit indoors and just paint it but I sometime love walking in the rain when it is not too cold… just fun. I love to see a rainbow..

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