29 Replies to “Showers”

    1. I love the country as a all. Luckily with our outdoors group we manage to get everywhere or nearly and the sea is not a far distance from us. Thank you for your kind comment.

    1. Carol thank you very much, I was afraid once I put the rain it got a bit greyish, but once it dried it turned clearer so at least we have some hope also for good weather beyond this rain. I think the rain made the painting much brighter too.

      1. The beauty of art! I think I need to start trying new things and see if I can surprise myself (:

  1. Ah, another beautiful panting Doron ! Love this beautiful rainy day ❤
    And what a beautiful rainbow ❤
    This is really special style Doron ❤

    1. Violet thank you so much, I do see a style developed but I feel I have to continue and work as I have some ideas what I try to get and the road is so long to reach but also so much enjoyable. It is always easier and better when I have nice people like you around together we shall get far learning from each other.

    1. Kait, thank you for your comment. You don’t have to be afraid of the rain it is fun, I also learn to walk and get soaked it is very special feeling, after all it is only rain. OK not always and at least when it is warm outside you soon get dry. Enjoy

      1. One of my best memories is sipping champagne out in the rain on a really hot day. It was such a wonderful relief to feel cool again.

          1. It was actually cava! And we had rain again today. How do you do it? It’s too cold for cava now- winter!

    1. Thank you Jenni it is great to sit indoors and just paint it but I sometime love walking in the rain when it is not too cold… just fun. I love to see a rainbow..

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