27 Replies to “Near the rocks”

    1. Thank you Kevin I read your other comment and I feel for you, but I can only say what you did meant a lot. This is our life and it sad to see close ones taken away but they never leave our hearts.

    1. Belle parole il mio amico Claudio e grazie per il vostro incoraggiamento. Ho preso molti dei brani che scrivi in quanto aiuta il mio relax con i miei dolori cronici sofferenza, vi ringrazio molto. (Spero che la traduzione รจ significativo)

  1. Do love your beautiful watercolour interpretations Doron ! Such dreamy colours … perhaps I have fallen asleep under the trees ….

    1. Thank you Mary, at times I feel I use too many but I find some urge to make it more vibrant from a dull picture I watch and many times I try to work with different combination yet to maintain the balance. Mind you I have seen recently artists who works with a mixture bright colours and I was amazed how good it looks even if they are not the immediate natural colours you expect. Very interesting and challenging.

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