Hastings in the rain

Our Mops visited Hastings and as soon as we arrived the rain storm began. One important lessons was learnt! Don’t paint with Oils water based on a rainy day! It was washed off again and again and finally I had something left to take home…

Hastings 1 tn

Hastings 2 tn

Hastings 3 tn

Hastings 4 tn

Hastings 6 tn

and finally at home the completion…

Hastings in the rain tn

8 Replies to “Hastings in the rain”

  1. Very nice Doron, I like the piece you took home with you. Darn the rain, but you sure had plenty of opportunities to start over – good for your perseverance.

  2. I love the one with the drips all over it, just sooo good!!! next time, don’t fix it!! not that the other isn’t good, just like the look of the drips on it better!! and ps, you need to ‘bold’ your header so we can see it… πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks.. I also like it and at the time I was soaking wet.. But I had in mind what I wanted to achieve when I started. But I agree some time it is very hard to say when a painting is finished.. maybe at that stage it was enough… I appreciate your comment very much. Thanks about the headers.. tried to change it several times and did not succeeded.. will try again.

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