Last year..

Last year in my art class we painted to the sound of music. Each person chose their piece.. I have painted this painting to the sound by Samuel Barber ‘Adagio for Strings’. This Acrylics painting is in memory of so many heros… The music was played on the BBC in memory of 9/11 and it always remind me that very sad moment….

Adagio for String

29 Replies to “Last year..”

  1. This is really a powerful piece. I admire that you were able to tackle not only such tense, extremely sad subject matter – but w/ Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” as background music. I’d be pretty overwhelmed and find it hard to complete anything, but this painting shows the intensity of what you must’ve been experiencing or thinking about while painting.

    1. Thank you Patricia, it was and I always try to think it did not happen.. if only we could.. Thanks for your comment and I am sure I’ll be watching your jewelry…

  2. Such a feeling of collapse in the building on the left and those two small figures trying to find their way through the chaos, and the flag planted in the rubble… the music you painted to marries with the image.

    1. Thanks Cara I found it hard to paint such a chaos on the ground and yet to symbolise such a sad event. Somehow that special music guide me through.

    1. Sorry Hollis that is something created by wordpress to visitors without account, I apologise and will try to find a way to change it. I clearly understand.

      1. Doran: it has been awhile but I did finally see that the avatar was a WordPress thing! I did not know much about it at the time!!! Sorry! I see Jenny Pellett follows you. She also follows me although since Christmas I have not posted anything!! I still like your artwork. And BTW, this is being sent from my phone so no avatar is connected to my mobile. Sorry again! Hollis

        1. Hollis thank you sorry I am not here everyday as I am not well but I do check your wonderful work around. Take care and thanks for returning over. Doron

      2. Doran: When I questioned that avatar I was just getting started! I did not know what was going on. I am so sorry that I thought that cartoon figure was connected to you! I am on my mobile phone now. So you won’t see my avatar here either! I see Jenny Pellett follows you. She also follows me but I have not blogged since Christmas! ( but will be doing so soon) Hope this straightens things out. I am so sorry. Hollis

          1. Thank you welcome to our world.. we all get lost here and that is part of the fun as long as we all enjoy ourselves.

        1. Hollis no worry we all learning here and everywhere this is the fun of modern technology getting lost and reappearing. No need to apologise and thanks for being around.

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