The Tower

Tower of David in Pink… I saw that some paint left in the tray after I painted the flowers… so I could not resist it and I pushed a paper in to see what it would look like… The result was that I had a paper with light wash of yellow and pink… Was not sure what will go on top but recently I looked at few pictures from Jerusalem.. One was the Tower of David… so I had to try to paint it on this yellow and pink paper.. look strange as if the tower got some disease…

Tower in Pink

16 Replies to “The Tower”

    1. Marina.. thank you for helping me to find where it came from.. I was lost trying to get its identity.. now it make sense…Thanks.

  1. Direi stupendo e incantevole Amico Doron!
    Sono d’accordo con Marina, sembra uscito da una favola!!
    Molto bello!
    Un cordiale saluto

    1. Grazie mio caro amico Apprezzo il tuo commento .. non era sicuro di come associare esso .. Fary suono racconto buono per me.
      Il suono molto meglio in italiano!
      migliori saluti,

  2. Love the creativity and the “what if” kind of attitude, because out of this came a beautiful piece. Enjoyed how you got there!!

    1. Mary Thank you, still looking strange to me but maybe that is something I need to get use too, that you can do it which ever way you like too.. I work on some abstract at the moment so maybe it will become natural?

    1. Thank goodness we have Marina! I agree the more I look at it, it is like from a fairy tale.. I’ll have to start practicing on the fairies and engels… thank you Violet

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