Going down town

I sketched the Big Ben from St. Thomas hospital long time ago while enjoying myself there… sort of.. This time I just wanted to try to paint a version of Westminster bridge and the Big Ben while crossing on a rainy evening… So ‘Night Bus Special’ was painted. Don’t know about but you I prefer to see it in a glorious sunshine.. I am just going to find someone to switch the lights on..

Night Bus Special

35 Replies to “Going down town”

    1. Thank you my dear friend it was great pleasure you had a great week together with Poppy… as we say you had a home match and it was very highly scored with superb pictures.

  1. Sunshine is nice but it’s even better after rain. I can imagine myself crossing the bridge in a cozy black cab with my head pressed against the window pane staring at the rain. 🙂

  2. This is fantastic 😀 I love the colours, the reflections of the lights and the greyness. Great job!

  3. Oh Doron … this should be in a children’s book with a story of the Little Red Night Time Bus adventures 🙂
    Just love it . Those watery reflections on the bridge are particularly delightful .

  4. I love sunshine but London is beautiful even in rainy days!
    Your painting is so beautiful Doron and remind me my visit to London years ago in the same weather and looks . Love this painting 😃

    1. Thanks Violet… you have no choice but love London in the rain as there is no other way… sunshine is only by special invitation.. ha thank you very very much. But don’t worry next time you come we will arrange something special.. VIP.

  5. Hello!! Just discovered your blog and I must say I’m happy !! I really love this painting…it makes me remember my good times in London!! I really miss this city!! Amazing work, thanks for sharing it!

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