33 Replies to “Preparation”

    1. At least it started like that… but I saw something and could not stop untill it was finished.. I had to prepare another canvass.. Luckily had no time to keep going as I was already late.. Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you very much for your warm comment of encouragement it always help and true it was a very spontaneuos hour and I could see what was developing.

  1. Beautiful fiery glow ….
    Come Doron … lets set sail … hurry … no time to lose 😉

  2. A powerful burst of energy hits the canvas and a spectacular vision of color is created. This is a beautiful piece Doron that holds the viewers attention as the sun sets over the sea.

    1. A woman after my own heart… sound if you enjoy it Jenni as much as I do… as long as we don’t wet ourselves everything else can wait.. sometimes. Liked the place you stayed in for your anniversary.. hope you had a super family day.

  3. This is really beautiful, and it showcases your talent. I think this kind of moody, evocative implied landscape is very difficult.

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