25 Replies to “Chiddingstone Castle”

    1. Thank you very much. I know it is hard some time to take your eyes off your amazing canvass and Scott you always do it to comment here and I appreciate it thanks.

    1. It is called mother nature it is all infront of you and we just sort of copying, Thanks for popping over and your nice comment I always enjoy picking little something from your great clever and very detailed Blog thank you.

  1. These are incredible pieces of art Doron, the first – gorgeous! Congratulations on bringing these beautiful scenes to us.

    1. Mary my dear friend, I go out and enjoy myself indulging in the most beautiful places we have around us. Glade you enjoy them too and the little I can do is share. Thank you for taking the time to always compliment my work which is well appreciated x

    1. I love a twist Jenni, glade you noticed, but truely often it is just luck as I try to present it the way I see it. Thank you for giving me great compliment I yet to earn and long is the way to achieve. I appreciate you enjoy it and I am grateful, thank you.

    1. I really appreciate your kind comment as it is something very high to look and aim at.. and yet there are fair distance to go.. but together we will do it one day.. or near enough… thanks.

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