Pokehill farm

Often I put a painting or two in my post and make a small comment about it and click the publish.. some time they even sit here few days waiting for this button push. I don’t want it to sound like an old cliché repeating again and again, but I really appreciate all your visits here, taking the time to push that little button of ‘like’ and for many others even for taking those extra few minutes to make a comment. I know that there is so much else to do now a day and you probably due else where. leave alone that those blogs are some sort of addiction and time-consuming. But without you dear friend what are those blogs going to be like. I thank you all for spending time here and for your great friendship from the bottom of my heart. I met such great people thanks to this Blog I could not do with out. Thank you for opening my eyes and teaching me so much letting me entering to your little worlds….

I came back from a week home sitting looking after friend’s place. It is a beautiful place and  I could not resist enjoying painting outside while the weather was great.

What started like that;

The tree next to the bar

Over the pond

Pokhill farm

The Bar

Ended like that;

The heart tree

Herons over Pokehill

My garden of flowers

Take care and have a super weekend…

41 Replies to “Pokehill farm”

  1. What a lovely post, Doron. Yes, the contacts one gets through blogging are really worthwhile, and I especially look forward to hearing from you. So interesting to see the changes in these paintings; it’s one of the advantages of digital cameras that one can make such a record of different stages of one’s work. Your interest in and delight in your surroundings is inspiring. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Jenny, Thank you. I am planing to do one next year however I participate in my art club exhibitions and the next one is our annual at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, Buckhurst Lane, Sevenoaks, TN13 1LQ from 19-30/11/2013 9:00 – 17:00 you are all welcome.

  2. I will say you are welcome Doron but I will thank you too for taking time to post your beautiful art work. And thank you for visiting my blog and commenting there. It goes both ways! The above paintings are as always lovely.

    1. Patricia thank you… it is great splashing.. I’ll have to remember to cover the rest that don’t need spalshing too.. Yes there was some cleaning to do!

    1. Joelle, thank you so much for considering me for an award. I don’t do any as my greatest of all is to see you and many like you visiting me. I do apologise but I am sure you will understand, Doron

  3. I quite like these, they r different to what I normally see from u, these are sharper, but for me, I much prefer the blended muted painting, like the meadow, and London. U r very good with a brush 🙂

    1. Thank you very much… I also love the meadow as when you sit and look at the landscape view you are in another planet.. Although I like to do different thing and probably still searching that something special out there. Mind you I like to try different thing and doubt I’ll ever settle and say that is what I want to do forever… You never know!

      1. That’s exactly the right outlook to have, it’s good to be adventurous and try out different things, it broadens ur talent 😀

        1. I feel better now you in agreement and assured me… Some time I feel I go too far to often, I think that you need to understand one before you start another.. But who gone stop the clock.. time is ticking and I born explorer.. after all curiosity only killed the cat… Love your last photo with the Kay look very good!

    1. Il mio caro amico Claudio, vi ringrazio molto.
      Quando ci si sente grande e rilassato nella vostra anima,
      è possibile esprimere il cuore. e anche voi contribuire con il tuo link
      grazie Doron

  4. lovely post, doron… and so meaningful too. you are so right in your sentiments. i also really like your painting…. you inspire me to get with it and start painting again… not so hot here now. 🙂

    1. L’Adelaide, thank you very much and please do paint I love your work and great colours they bring great feelins, I am sure to many more. No doubt they will warm you heart too. Enjoy.

  5. Beautiful paintings Doron! Clouds , water , flowers….. Beautiful nature in your art as always ❤️
    Thank you too for sharing those beauties with us . And thank you too for all your kind comments on my posts ❤️

  6. Colours of joy always in your painting Doron ! Such lovely views .. I often forget how pretty it is down there in Kent .
    I do love to see your latest pictures and descriptions .
    I really appreciate your visits and love the banter we have between us Doron .. you make me smile … often 🙂

    1. It’s mutual Poppy you ain’t seen colours yet.. and I love your personality dished each time in a post.. I enjoy knowing the person behind it very much, my pleasure too:-}

  7. Lovely works Doron, I enjoyed seeing your progression in these pieces. You’ve given us beautiful scenery through your paintings – your time was spent in a wonderful area. Appreciate your supportive and encouraging comments to my posts Doron, you’re a wonderful blogging friend.

  8. Such vibrant colours! I absolutely love the streaks of red, blues and purples through the ferns in that first piece.

  9. Wow I love how energetic these are. And quite a different style to the rest of your work. Awesome stuff! 🙂

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