20 Replies to “One Tree Hill”

    1. Thank you very much well appreciated. I love that possibility where you stand up and see all the landscape in-front of you it is amazing thanks.

    1. Jane thank you for your kind comment and take a deep breath I know reading your great posts you know how good to do it. Glade you enjoy it.

    1. Patricia, Thank you very much it was little difficult as you can see working outdoors and the paint is wet it is hard to lighten it unless you do it straight away… I had some problems there not getting it light enough colour to start with to give it a better distance but it was managed somehow and a lesson learnt. Thanks.

    1. Mary thank you very much and as you know you are always welcome and it will be pleasure to show you the real place. No doubt you will make it a beautiful painting yourself with your skills. I often put many pictures on our MOPS blog and if you ever see anything you like please just paint it as it is there for you.

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