The village

Someone send me a link to Buble mix, so he popped in and kicked the classic music off.. Sound like the weekend is starting here.. Hope you are all going to have a great one…

I saw the other day Alan Reed work so I tried to pass half an hour trying his Jebel Akhdar… OK got the message must keep practice it is not half way as good….

Village on the rocks


36 thoughts on “The village

  1. But your copy – if that is what it is – has a lot of feeling, clarity and geological curve – and the way the old rocks seem to tremble in the foreground. I like it lots.

    • Thank you Poppy, you noticed the dry deseret colours this village have compare to your beautiful greenish colurs you have in your photos in our blessed rainy country.. have a good week ahead my friend.

  2. This is lovely Doron – a wandering road that leads to the magical countryside beyond. I’m enjoying the composition and wonderful terrain. I had a great weekend and looking forward to this new week. Happy Monday~

  3. Hope you had a great weekend Doron! I like this painting even if you think it is a learning curve! I hope you can keep smiling, I know it helps. πŸ™‚

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