22 Replies to “Shipbourne”

  1. So you mean this was a quick one?! It doesn’t look rushed at all, Doron. In fact it looks just right!
    I have a feeling we sent you this cold weather. A couple of days ago the temperature dropped from 25 to 8ºC (which was very sudden) and now it’s gone back up to 27! Crazy weather!

    1. I hope you wear your special pressure suit.. I don’t need you shrinking and expending on daily basis…. ha ha and make sure you don’t send us anything unless you are going to send us the 25c too! x

  2. For a rushed painting, no way – it’s a beautiful scene! This is wonderful – lovely details of the village. I like this piece a lot – I can only imagine (despite the cold) what a lovely place it must have been.

    1. Thanks Mary all those little vilages here in Kent are very nice and worth a visit. The more we go outdoor painting we discovered places on our door step which we never knew about.

    1. Violet thank you very much. I have details here and actualy I am trying to minimise on details which I am sure you will notice in my future work.. I am trying to let the colours and shapes to talk instead.. it takes time as it needs some control as I always rush to add another detail..

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