32 Replies to “15 Minutes Each”

    1. Thanks Marina, great concept as you don’t try to put too much details and you are more spontaneous and maybe less care to make mistakes, but it is great way to exercise.

  1. Those timeframes would freak me out – takes to long to get OPs on the surface, let alone move them around. Your pieces are wonderful. Void of details and yet intriguing sense of purposeful shapes – great effective use of dragging down color in your first piece, adds wonderful visual interest.

    1. Thanks Mary and I understand your feelings now that I know your work and nderstanding your way of work and thinking. However it is a great exercises where you need to think quicker and excute something even when you know that there are more colours in the rainbow. I have tried to mix complimenteries together so there will be more but it was too wet to achieve it. Beside I was too much thinking on abstract and although I was going to spread it all over the paper I start thinking on some composition.. Actually I will do many more exercises like that as you learn quite a bit from it I think it even make you better as i noticed in life session when we do the 2 minutes sketching and now I try to do it with water colours that run… it is all in the fun!

      1. I just wrote a long note and it went away, ugh! I totally agree with your exercises, because the benefits far outweigh anything else. My problem with oil pastels is that they are in sold form (sticks) and thus aren’t liquid making spreading the paint a much slower process. One day I want to try watercolors because my desire is to become more creative in my pieces and I think watercolors is the single best medium for developing creativity. I also like your exercises because they train you very quickly to concentrate on form, shapes and values – leaving out details and has you think differently about what you’re seeing. My artist friend paints a landscape scene everyday (8×10) in 10 minutes, her goal for this year. So far she hasn’t missed a day and Doron her progress of simplifying her landscape scenes has been incredible – it’s fantastic. I think in oil pastels I could probably do 20 or 30 minutes, but not less just because you can’t spread the OPs around that quickly. I can’t wait to see your exercises – have a great evening! I’m suppose to get my drawing done today.

        1. It is always pleasure to hear your voice Mary enjoy your drawing and you should work with other media it is amazingly interesting and chalenging at times. I hardly worked with water colours in recent weeks but with OIL and Acrylics.. but I always enjoy playing with water colours they are great. Enjoy the rest of the evening too.

    1. I think it is a new destination I try to work on. And by the way young lady I am very impress with your great work it is beautiful to watch the development there too.

      1. Thank you for noticing. I can’t see it myself but I trust your eye! This challenge is really taking it’s toll on me on busy days but it’s the best thing I’ve done in the longest time.

          1. I won’t give up yet but there are days when I think I will. It’s like training for a marathon, everyday is ok then one day it feels like you’ve hit the wall. I do hope that this challenge will lead to something interesting, even if it doesnt, it already is a major accomplishment for me.

          2. Beyond doubt you are doing great and i am sure you feel no different to many others here. We all have the odd days, so take a deep fresh breathe and tomorrow it is another day. Just do what you can and when you can don’t ever let it suffocate you as you should enjoy it. I will always look for the next one…

          3. Thank you for your good advice as usual. I do try my best to do what I can everyday. What drives me is knowing that I am not alone in this!

    1. Thanks Deb, far from talent here, yet I bet you can see the huge ‘L’ on my back but I have great friends here like yourself to learn from and some distance to go. Together we will get better.

    1. Camilla I just spend some time visiting your blog and enjoying your work… I think I have a fair feeling about your choice. Thank you for stopping by and take time to comment.

      1. Thanks, Doron! I like your wide variety of subjects and styles, and your willingness to experiment is a good example for all of us.

        1. It is the story of my life.. actualy of our lives.. We are all constantly exploring from the moment we are born… and it is great to be able to share and do it together. We can only improve by learning and respecting each other views.

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