18 Replies to “Jurassic Park”

  1. Finally … yes … we have been here Doron !
    A family and friends outing with youngsters dashing through squeezy spaces one of which was not to be tackled by one of the Dads πŸ™‚
    Lovely picture and a memory you have called to mind… somehow it seems such strange location this isolated outcrop of Ancient Rocks.

    1. We have several places around town with those ancient rocks and they are amazingly beautiful many are used for climbing practice and others just display mother nature power. Love your interest in the beautiful land around us. Have a good week ahead explorer.

    1. So am I but I was expecting you to add something on.. in black of-course. Sorry to see the worse bushfires around Sydney and New South Wales area. Hope everybody you know out there are all safe.

      1. The bushfires are a big part of life in Australia, they can be devastating as we have seen recently. It doesn’t forebode well for summer when they have started so early. I don’t know anyone living in the area, it must be terrifying. When I was a child, we drove through bushfires and had the paint blistered off the car, but luckily we got through. I can remember brushing ash of my page, in my last year of school during the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983. My school was about 20 kilometers from the fires. About 4 years ago, we had devastating fires in Victoria and the sky over Melbourne was blotted out with red, grey smoke, it looked like the world was ending.

        1. It is never safe where ever you are and mother nature does gets angry sometime but lets hope that everybody remain safe and everything can be restored slowly back to normality.

    1. Thanks Jane good point it was a starnge position and although we have that artistic licence I could not omit the present from the ancient as it was a very special mix in this one which attract me for this corner. Have a good week.

  2. Hope your weekend is going well and you’re enjoying some special place to explore. Beautiful painting, the wall of rock draws me in – Interesting thread on MOPS!

    1. Mary thank you it was a new stage in my learning journey and every week I just look forward to enjoy the company and another painting outdoor. It gave me another vision and experience on painting.

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