Abstract is often the way I enjoy my painting more.. it is a little more a realistic abstract..  Clearly it is one of the direction I have taken with my paintings. I started an abstract class once a week for couple of hours so hope you will enjoy my work and don’t hesitate to criticise otherwise how you expect me to improve… There will be more to come… I have many people thankfully who inspired me and few important are even here, blogging as we do… They already know as I often mentioned it before, but some are completely outsiders, so if you find a good one don’t hesitate to direct me to see their work.. hope you will enjoy it too.

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38 Replies to “Abstract”

  1. Well Doron, this is truly a fantastic seascape – the abstract nature of it brings about a very intriguing scene. Wonderful way that the to foreground hillsides frame the scene, giving way to the sailboats and energized sea. Nice distance as well – I love this one. It’s a fabulous piece!

    1. Thanks Mary I enjoyed working on it and it gave me the apetite for more… I think I like colours bigger brushes and free expression I think it is very much me. But I like so much in this world called art.. it is hard to decide where I belong.. One day hopefully.

    1. Deb thanks I love it too.. I think there are few good paintings coming up I enjoy the abstract painting very much I feel more free to express and use colours. Thank you.

  2. Looks so jolly colourful and very mood catching Doron !
    I’m no sailor but love to see little boats whisking and turning every which way .
    Love the flashes in the sea .

    1. Thank you Poppy I am not a sailor myself, but its never stop me as we I, all love the seaside.. It is something very special for many and always reminding us a nice holiday, showing the major powers, fears, relaxation and beauty. I can spend days beside the seaside… it always fascinate me.

    1. Thank you Jess, I often use a pallet knife and did here too. I some time prefer it to brushes unless I use a bigger brush. Fingers aloud too.

    1. I knew you would sailor.. Thank you Susan you must have great time in season, it looks so beautiful and calm… I am sure you will furnish me with more pictures and ideas. I few coming soon which i prepared to my annual club axhibition… Take care x

          1. Of course I am around! I only go MIA when I’m travelling. Hope you don’t mind but I consider you as part of my artistic family now.

          2. I really appreciate that you keep track of my work and notice how I have evolved, and I enjoy following your work and seeing the changes in style.

  3. A very happy scene! I like the way the sea recedes out of the bay into the horizon. This painting reminds me a bit of the bay here where there are often sailboat races, as if you mixed that with the Mediterranean and this popped out! Thank you for sharing it!

  4. I like what’s happening with the brushstrokes in the foreground, especially at the right. The curve of the horizon also gives some extra spacial quality.

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