30 Replies to “Long Boat”

  1. It’s beautiful, Doron!
    I found that white acrylic works great for adding white on top of another color…for highlights too!

    1. True I use it sometime and also found that white gouache is also work well. Thanks Deb I can’t speak long as I sit in my ark… just in-case…. ha ha

  2. We live near the River Wey in Surrey and often walk along the tow path where there are lots of canal boats moored up. Your picture reminds me of those walks.

    1. Super Jenny I am sure you are not going to walk there tonight.. Stay safe and thank you i am sure you soon will be able to walk around there again.

    1. Vivienne, Thank you very much glade you feel calm before the storm.. It is autumn and the colours always are beautiful. I bet you enjoy it walking with Kay.

      1. Yes, autumn is a beautiful coloured time 🙂 we have had a lot of rain today, and the wind is building up, but no more than usual… For now…!

  3. Just beautiful Doron, I see these boats on travel shows and think how lovely they would be to stay on, you’ve captured that relaxing, calm feeling…..

    1. Jenni thank you.. I always want to go on holiday along the rivers here for some reason it remained on my to do list.. I also saw few programs about it and feel it must be great idea to float from pub to pub..

  4. The colours are wonderful, especially those blue tints in the trees. You have a lovely lively touch in your painting, Doron. Good to hear from you this weekend. I always enjoy your comments.

    1. Thanks Cara it is great pleasure to see through your lenses as you bring great photos and superb stories. You must live in a very special area but it take one to go out and bring it all to us back and you always do.. have a safe Sunday.

  5. Beautiful colors, and I love the effect of the dimming light of approaching dusk, as it seems to me. Very tranquil!

      1. I’m glad you kept the colors, they create a wonderful mood. I love this time of evening…a friend of mine calls it “the enchanting hour.” The painting creates a real feel of that for me.

    1. Thanks Jane I think it does but what I enjoy most is that if I have any problem with WC the Acrylics can remedy and cover up nicely. I tried to use them both like WC in this instance.

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