30 Replies to “Last two”

    1. Thank you don’t worry I visit as I enjoy your work and I understand it is time consuming and we are all busy people.. Thanks for return I know you are there.. take care.

  1. This is one of the best of yours I’ve seen so far. Color , texture and depth and a possible face on center tower projects a mysterious umbrella over the entire scene.

    1. Carl thank you very much… I am working and learning day after day… great fun and it is always nice to receive a good word from people like yourself, thank you.

  2. This is absolutely outstanding. Love it. I also think one of your best. You’ve captured the light magnificently.

    1. Don, Thank you very much I appreciate your comment very much. I totaly agree with you about ‘Life goes on’ often we use some silly expressions… it is the sad truth

  3. I agree with Carl and Don. This is so beautiful and evocative. In my mind, I’ve already designed whole rooms around it!

    1. Thank you so much I have some serious journey to do before I can adopt a style like the great master Van Gogh. It is funny comment as a nice old friend today while painting life said to me you paint like Picaso… I told her that I have only pure accidents like him, I felt humble but it is often nice to receive a great compliment while remaining true to my work… needs more practice. Thanks you are kind.

        1. Thank you very much you are very kind and glade you see some different. It is true, there is some changes, I do feel much better and with ease when I paint so it is improvement. Take care.

  4. These are fantastic Doron – love the city street views, great compositions. Your thick strokes are powerful in bringing energy to the scenes, the lighting beckons exciting nightlife – I can hear the sounds!

    1. Mary thank you very much.. often I use a palette knife as you can see and I love it that there are accidents and the colour spill out of a building wall or else.. I feel it connect you with the rest… I enjoy the freedom and not worry about lines or containers.. I just hope that they put the sounds down in this town as people try to go to sleep… Thank you.

  5. Doron, this is very strong and I think some of your best work as others have mentioned. The composition is wonderful… especially the “downward pointing” shadows on the left… really get the eye going around the painting. Great energy to this piece.

    1. Anita it is so great to read your super comment. I had such fun painting it, it also gave me great excitment and energy too. Thank you.

    1. It is amazing I often look in town about the lights the shops.. it is tepmting and I would love to do more also. Thank you very much, please do as you are great artist it will be great to see it.

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