Do you think there is meowing on the moon?

Is it fun in the neighbourhood that everyone dressed up or is it just the normal Thursday evening meeting under the moon of the cats society committee?  I think it is spooky Halloween night…

Hey Milkshake do you think the cats on the moon also celebrate Halloween? Daisy I actually not sure as I can’t see anyone from here… do you?

Angel and the moon

Happy Halloween everybody…. Meowwwwww

Cara, that is your moon in the picture… Mind you there were few days passed since I last saw it…so it was grown to full moon… Enjoy.

29 Replies to “Do you think there is meowing on the moon?”

  1. Oh cool, Doron, instead of barking at the moon, you have cats meowing at the moon!…very clever!
    Happy Halloween!…be safe.

    1. I knew somthing was looking strange and only Deb will show me the right direction out… I’ll have to watch you more closely… no one could fool you master,Thanks Deb.

  2. I had to look twice to see the ghostly forms of the cats! I love their eerie blue glow! Happy Halloween from the Songdog (an inveterate moon-howler! :-))

  3. All tucked up safe and sound now doubt after all that caterwauling at the Moon last night 😉
    Love the effect here Doron !
    Have a great weekend .

    1. Thanks Poppy good to see you around.
      I have tried to check if Scott our friend is OK but his blog have dissapeared.. I’ll have to check with the cats..
      Have a super one yourself.

  4. I love this painting , Doron !
    Love that moon an cats too ❤️
    So sad that I couldn’t get there to see those cats too! 😁
    Hope you had a great Halloween !
    Happy November dear freind 😃

    1. No just a way to communicate… some have to send space shuttles while other just shout…. I often try to talk to the moon.. I wish he was standing still. Have a great week Elena you don’t have to take your cat to the vet tomorrow he is not alone and it is normal.

    1. Thank you very much for your great thoughts about my Blog and work. I am sorry but I don’t do awards as I said in the past to many friends here, For me to have great friends like you visiting me regularly is my greatest award. I wish I could make you feel good instead too. But hope you will and thank you very much for visiting me.

    1. Thanks will have to work on even a better version with your amazing friends. Loved the last post Mary did on your Japanese ambassador, he is so adorable.

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