21 Replies to “Diwali Tropical”

  1. This is wonderful, Doron! Beautiful colors, and there is a feel of movement, lights (indeed!) and festivity, especially (to my eye) in number one, which I think is my favorite.

    1. Thank you my kind friend Jane, it is very simple and so precious for so many it does not even cost a thing. I love happy people where ever they are and hope many can share that feelings around us. Thanks.

  2. You must have used every colors for this one, Doron!
    I never heard of the day before. Hope those who celebrate have a great day!

    1. Thanks Deb just a mix of celebration colours mainly three primaries with little extra.. I am sure next year we will have a special Debbi walking creature here.. I friends all over the world and I try to celbrate with them all… I am just about feeling the year with such happy days. I know you had a great one too.

  3. Beautiful piece Doron. Love the composition, wonderful flow to the piece and color choice – it’s vibrant and filled with energy. Like the texture as well.

    1. Thanks so far so good, hope yours too. Mind you I can’t find the switch for the rain.. So I left it on after all I don’t pay the bill for this one. But I still searching just in-case I can save others big bills.

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