21 Replies to “Diwali Tropical”

  1. This is wonderful, Doron! Beautiful colors, and there is a feel of movement, lights (indeed!) and festivity, especially (to my eye) in number one, which I think is my favorite.

    1. Thank you my kind friend Jane, it is very simple and so precious for so many it does not even cost a thing. I love happy people where ever they are and hope many can share that feelings around us. Thanks.

  2. You must have used every colors for this one, Doron!
    I never heard of the day before. Hope those who celebrate have a great day!

    1. Thanks Deb just a mix of celebration colours mainly three primaries with little extra.. I am sure next year we will have a special Debbi walking creature here.. I friends all over the world and I try to celbrate with them all… I am just about feeling the year with such happy days. I know you had a great one too.

  3. The color combo in this is great. And the composition reminds me of iris flowers growing in high grass. Interesting painting!

  4. Beautiful piece Doron. Love the composition, wonderful flow to the piece and color choice – it’s vibrant and filled with energy. Like the texture as well.

    1. Thanks so far so good, hope yours too. Mind you I can’t find the switch for the rain.. So I left it on after all I don’t pay the bill for this one. But I still searching just in-case I can save others big bills.

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