41 Replies to “Lime Tree”

  1. And I’m so glad you did too! I like that in some parts you haven’t used it like traditional watercolor [leaves on the trees]. [I also like doing that] Very well done, my friend. 🙂

    1. Marina thank you very much glade I managed to pick up one of your tricks after such along while.. but maybe you tell me which part so I can repeat more often.. I think I am start being a less lazy painter I start using more then one brush all the way and I start using some other accessories.. There is so much in this world it is great! Thanks

      1. No, no, no, you keep doing what you do. What I meant is that because I used to hate watercolors due to the layering and endless little details [as you may have noticed, I don’t work like that – I’ve got to work fast!], sometimes I may use watercolor paints as if they were acrylics. But you have a brilliant watercolor technique so it was really nice seeing you do that [speaking about the leaves – dots and thick pigment]. Don’t take my advice because I have absolutely no respect for color techniques!!!. Learned them and forgotten them the very next day! 😉

        1. welcome to my school, I do the same and even the medication don’t help any more.. I play and often I use acrylics like water colours and then like Oil.. My problem is also the speed and memory what is memory.. and with water colours it often can be a disaster I am the impatient and some time it cause mud so I play with clay… but I enjoy to splash it and see what the results nature bring along. I try to use transperence colours and fall to opeques as I love colours.. It is a non ending game with joy. Don’t worry I always doing what I like to do and I always feel that one day I’ll learn it all… it might be too late.

          1. You never actually stop learning, and that is probably the fun part! I always feel like it’s the first time when I place an empty paper in front of me!

    1. Thanks Susan I am often in pains and the water colours is an easy option. Mind you I still trying to improve on the style using them, I will continue to practice. I loved you last painting you should do it more often please.

  2. How ethereal! I love all the blue, and the effects towards the bottom, swirling, almost like spectral roots. Did you use plastic wrap to get that effect? I’ve done that with acrylics and it looks similar.

    1. Camilla thanks for your kind thoughts I used cling film but thanks for mentioning as I should try it also with Acrylics, you gave me a great idea thank you.

  3. Lovely, Doron. I think the watery part is beautiful, such delicate but strong colouring. I see someone asked if you used plastic wrap – I do that with acrylics, but have never tried it with proper watercolour, might give it a go, now I am back in the studio after a week or so away. You handle the colours really well, they’ve kept so fresh, even with quite strong contrasts.

    1. Cara great to see you around, glade you taking a break to relax in your studio.. I am sure you will treat us for more photos around your beautiful country side. Just said to Camilla that I should try it with Acrylics as I did not so far. mean time enjoy warms in the studio while the weather get colder to walk around, I bet you that also. I enjoyed reading some of the poems you put recently.

  4. What a lovely painting Doron and so happy you took a bit of a break and worked out this wonderful scene in watercolor. It works so well with the atmosphere created here. The water and reflections add incredible interest to this piece and your trees with the hint of detail – is like icing on a cake.

    1. Hi kind Mary thank you for your comment. I think one needs to explore it all. recently I have seen some great work with such a technique so I had to have a go.. but I am yet to perfect it so there might be few more….

  5. I see you’ve been experimenting with plastic wrap or foil. I’ve always wanted to make them work for me in watercolor, but I just can’t seem to. You’ve done it well. I have to try again. Thanks Doron!

    1. Elena you did not succeed? sorry not acceptable you are the master! Mind you the control you get with your watercolours flow doubt that you need any wrapping. Thank you very much for your comment.

    1. I can see and enjoy to see you answer your question with it. I have many of them as it is next to me on the desk and when I get free I use them. Mind you in recent weeks I have tried them in Life painting during the warm up they are interesting amazing how much you need to let them work themselves in figure painting then over use them. Mind you I never use small brushes and I’ll have to learn this too. Thanks for taking time to check my posts and specially while walking in reverse, the last one I remember doing it was Michael Jackson…. Let me tell you you are much better. Have a great day my friend.

        1. I think you left it on the plane… remember snake charming…
          I like your sense of humour, every time the pains get stronger I know who to call… looking forward to see your next release hope it got nothing to do with kraken…

          1. Now you scare me Tim.. always thought how lucky Mary is with her gentle bear… angry bear!!! That some serious business.. no doubt if someone can pull it Tim would! I bet you need some serious turbulence for this one!

          2. Ho thank goodness I nearly rushed to take my tablets.. I am sitting down.. much more relax now… Mind you while we are talking I watch some imgaes… OK scary but must take some drawing and painting… was not sure how you squeeze the model on a 737 though? I am going to put the kettle on… much more relax… Have a great day my friend hidding in the wood, sound great place, lucky you.

          3. haaaaa,
            I remember that story… red riding hood and the teddy bear.. and if you go down to the woods today…

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