24 Replies to “The view from Teston Park”

    1. Violet thank you very much, we all have different nice places around us and some time we just miss them. I always ready to share as whats mine is ours and you are always welcome to come and see them.

  1. Beautiful, impressionistic landscape! I suspect you do the place justice! Out of curiosity (because for some reason I mentally place paintings that I like in imaginary rooms :-)), what are the dimensions of this one?

    1. Camilla thank you, I normally cut for all my outdoors painting a MDF 12″x16″ Love the idea of your imaginary room… must be a superb place to visit

      1. Thanks, Doron! This one’s in a small day-room with conservatory windows…Persian rugs, but not stodgy. Comfortable, “lived in.” 🙂

    1. Jane thanks I agree.. could not resist the calm weather and the view at the distance was a superb day sitting along the river. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Beautiful find Doron, you’ve made it look magical – lovely work. I truly enjoy your unique angles and finds of local places to paint.

    1. Mary thanks, we are lucky as we so much and often it is the problem to convince the others to travel further for more. But mind you since I start painting I find that If I wanted I did not travel far at all as everything around us is a painting. But loving the country side I always like to explore new places. Mind you we decided to see most of the places again and in different time of the year. I read about some great artist that painted the same over years, It is very interesting as we all improve and through times see places in different light. It is a great journey.

    1. Marina thank you hope all the brushes are tucked away and you are going to have a relaxed weekend, recharging the upper box with new ideas for next week. Have a great weekend.

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