Mystery circles…

Saw an art club friend the other day and inspired to paint and play with circles.. not those real mystery you see in the fields..  I am sure there will be few more to come just watch this ‘SPACE’…. Have a mystery weekend where ever you are.

Mystery circles

23 Replies to “Mystery circles…”

  1. Lovely, Doron – and surprising. You have so many ideas…. the rim of light is really mysterious and beautiful. I know it’s just canvas and paint (or board and paint) but the painting has such presence, while you are using such apparently simple means.

    1. Thanks Cara it is true it is very simple. I have an idea to develop it further but I had to start with basics so i can do more with it one day. hope your weekend is good.

  2. A lovely idea, to start playing with circles, orbs, rims of light – worlds approaching. The colour is just right. On converging circles, all sacred architecture is built – the Mystery.

    1. Thanks Jane it is a super fine subject and I am sure it will return as it fascinate me and you have some great knowledge. Mine is clean abstract in colours but I hope with time to learn how to add more to it.

  3. Impressive! So much interest there, though you use a single shape and very subtle color….the rim of light gives dimension and implies a story, that one is seeing the sun peek around the dark side of a planet, the colors that make its surface appear to be swirling and gaseous, the corresponding bit of light on the next largest orb, giving it a three-dimensional appearance…and of course, the composition! (The imaginary room for this one is very open, white and chrome and ultramodern, with large picture windows overlooking a wooded ravine ;-))

    1. Camilla it is always great to read your vision your deep thoughts. I admire your vision and interest you bring over love the light you transmit and I always enjoy reading the content of your valued comments. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Tim, glade I managed to entertain your for few minutes.. I love exploring and always tried something different. I look at a picture and I feel I like it and so on with the next one. If only I knew where is next… but actually it might get too boring if we know, so lets remain at the unknown sphere. Welcome on board and hope you’ll enjoy the trip.

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