Flowers for you

Some time I think about you all out there and never sure what you are up too… I recently read some interesting comments some are sad and some make me laugh. I love this community feel we have and hope we can help each other when we are not so good. Hope that might help, yes those flowers are for you all, have a great week….

Often I feel that paintings can express so much more than words can communicate and next Thursday when I open my club exhibition I will have you all in mind and I’ll use this sentence above in my talk. Stay safe where ever you are. And It goes without say that our thoughts are all with the people in the Philippines who suffered from the Haiyan.

red Jar

48 Replies to “Flowers for you”

  1. I accept the flowers with many thanks, Doron. I like the word “community”, it’s a good concept. Good luck with the club exhibition, I hope you take some photographs and put them on your website.

    1. Cara thank you very much I appreciate. I might busy talking and hosting people but I am sure few pictures will turn up somehow. Have a good week ahead.

  2. Thank you for the lovely flowers Doron and the thoughtful sentiment. I think we have a nice community and support system. And it is great to enjoy the benefits. Good luck at the exhibition! 🙂

        1. Little world, yes Susan the world shrunk thanks to technology and it is great as we have so many friends around us. What a wonderful world.

        1. It is chronic but thanks to it I found painting as the blog said… As they say bad often bring some good.. Thank you very much I appreciate you for being around thanks my friend xx

    1. Thanks Poppy sorry for late reply I am out many days with pains but never going to give up. Hope to see more pictures from your last meeting.

  3. Doron, you have expressed some beautiful sentiments here. I hope you have a wonderful time at your exhibition… I wish I could stop by… I will be thinking of you!

  4. You are a kind and thoughtful person Doron, thank you very much for the wonderful flowers. By the way they are lovely. Sending best wishes for a fantastic exhibition!

    1. Mary thank you very much, I think when you paint and easily express yourself and open your heart and feeling to write few words for people you care for it is come quite easy too. I suffer everyday with my bad chronic pains and so many people here come to say hello it is great pleasure for me and help to pass the day some time when you feel the world closing in. It is great to have sincere friends like you so supportive, giving such great encouragement. thanks Mary.

      1. The pleasure of an internet community is that support, encouragement comes from all over the world and in so many beautiful ways. It’s a joy for me to have met you and enjoy your wonderful art. Best wishes for Thursday’s show.

        1. I agree and maybe sometime when we think this technology harmed many, it still managed to help and connect the world together. I just hope that people would not get carried away and always remember to keep the human and personal connection with it. Thank you for your best wishes.

  5. Good luck on your exhibition, Doron! Beautiful words, and as always, beautiful work 🙂

    1. Katleen we are one great happy family here it is ashamed sometime we can’t see each other learn more about each other and hopefully be there when needed for each other but I am sure wer are. Take care and thank you for your comment.

  6. Beautiful flowers and beautiful sentiment, Doron! The world needs more of both!

    1. I am sure there are so many more but we just need to give them the confidence that it is very easy to express it too and make a better world for us all.

        1. Tim thank you very much, it is not that selling short as you know there is so much to learn in this subject and so much to practice before getting better. I am still at early stages and like many improve and hope to get better with practice. Some time I feel I managed to pull it out but at times I wonder if I do. Maybe it is sign of age that the last lesson is forgotten and once again I face that clean canvass. Mind you stubborn like a mule… and never give up I am sure will get somewhere. I appreciate your comment very much thank you.

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