Teston Brown Banana skin

I loved the dry flower but could not ignore the bridge… and then I ate my banana so I tried finishing the painting with it… I was amazed how good tool it was… and it left no flavour but lines…. Oil paints are toxic don’t try it at home even not with icecream.

Teston Brown

22 Replies to “Teston Brown Banana skin”

  1. And . . . a master piece was born! Actually Doron what a creative idea and I see the texture that was built into this piece. Your experiments turn out much better than mine – love your muted palette, lost and found edges and the bridge!

    1. Mary in my eye in art there is no such thing better than mine. I love your work and learn a lot watching it. Of-course we can’t each time produce master pieces but an art work is an art work and they all good. Let the viewer judge and let me tell you a secret… If I enjoy something which is me in colours or mono it is also great. Something I tried to do for some time now is reduce the colours on my palette as in this one. I don’t always succeed but I noticed there are great work out there with three colours normally the main primeries. The banana was a joke, I walked on the way to the car and the wind blew the painting on my chest.. you can imagine what happened so I had to rescue my one hour of work, ate a banana to overcome my sorrow and idea crept in that save the day not my jumper though.

    1. Drop me an email with your address first so I can send you the bananas.. ha ha, read my reply to Mary. I only used the skin to correct what was smudged. Doubt I will ever win a patent on this one. Misadvanture probably…

  2. This is really gorgeous, Doron! I love the colors, the little view through the arch, the reeds in the foreground–everything! You have a gift! I recently found a banana, which had been hiding under the passenger seat of my car for, oh, about 4 months. (I wondered where that had got to….) I put it in the compost (since it was well on its way)…if only I’d known it was a paintbrush in disguise!

    1. Camilla four months you rode on haidding banana and they said there was no fuel ideas? I am sorry not going to try this trick… haa the car was not used for four months, sorry did not get this one.. Don’t worry on this lost one I am sending you one on the next available broom.. we had an evening lesson last year how to paint with anything but the normal brushes.. I am not going there.. I have no doubt that the brush was invented for someone that was sitting on a lonley island with no tools around them… You welcome to see the state of my hands on an outdoor session.. They told me when I used to play golf that a banana is good for energy.. so I always make sure I take one for a day out. By the way I got lost in the talking… yes thank you glade you like it…

      1. Oh, I used the car. I have to drive around in it for work. I just never noticed the banana. They don’t smell much…or my car smells so bad anyway, I couldn’t tell! I paint a lot with my hands, too! I’m glad you managed to save all your efforts with this one, it’s beautiful!

        1. Don’t be that hard on yourself, you drive the cleanest car in the world. So I take it when we shakes hands we get a super abstract, have a great weekend. Thank you.

    1. Elena sorry for late reply, I always had a dream to leave something behind once I have gone so people say… haa that is the guy that… Mind you I’ll work on something better then a banana skin. Have a great weekend.

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