Kaleidoscope Exhibition

Exhibition is now open until 30/11/2013 and you are all welcome to visit.

On 21/11/13 18:00 you are invited for our Reception evening, please come for a free drink and talk to the artists of Sevenoaks Art Club.

Our Exhibition is associated with a local charity ‘Rockdale’ who provid shelter housing for the elderly. We created a ‘Rockdale Wall’ with many painted canvasses, all at only £10.00 and total amount is donated for ‘Rockdale’. Come and help us to support them.

37 Replies to “Kaleidoscope Exhibition”

    1. Thanks my good friend have a great weekend sorry I was busy a bit to reply, but hopefully I’ll have some more time once it finished. Have a great weekend.

    1. Mary thank you very much. I think what ever we do in life we always should look and think how to give something back, for someone that is a little more unfortunate than we are. Have a good weekend.

  1. Looks wonderful, Doron! Thanks for giving those of us who couldn’t be there a little glimpse. Best of luck and I hope you earn lots of cash for Rockdale!

    1. Camilla Thank you very much I totally agree I would like to see as much cash donated for Rockdale and as I see the paintings on the Rockdale wall going. I am looking for few new ideas as to increase the amount of paintings on this wall so the donation can double and more. I always feel that it is not only about us but the community living around us and who are less fortunate than some of us. Thank you and have a nice sunny weekend.

      1. Thank you, Doron! It IS sunny here (your wish worked! ;-)) and COLD without our usual blanket of clouds. I love that you are using your art for the benefit of your community! Once again, you inspire!

        1. Camilla thank you, not as much as I like yet but this year I am the chairman of my art club so I am going to try and extend our help for our local community if we can. I feel that it does not matter what we do we always have to give something back as matter of thank you.

    1. Cara very kind thoughts and I appreciate it very much I trust you will be around if you were closer hope one day. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts which is well appreciated. Good luck in your study and don’t be afraid to express your views as by listening and respect to others we can only improve.

  2. If only ….
    Have wonderful opening reception Doron !
    It looks like a splendid gallery of paintings there 🙂

    1. Poppy thank you very much, sorry for late reply. It was very good reception and a start for two weeks exhibiting. Have a good weekend my friend. i can see the sun is out so there will be some more great pictures to view soon from you.

    1. Jenny thank you very much I think we sold most of the paintings on the charity wall.. and there is another all week ahead of us. Regret not making double the amount, but there is always next year.

    1. Thank you very much, going fantastic and the chairty wall is near empty, ashamed we selling them so cheap and we did not think about making more… I’ll concentrate doing it next year also.

      1. That is wonderful. My best friend told me that I should never undersell myself. It’s hard not to but I am starting to believe in the value of my work and so must you. Next year raise your prices for sure!

  3. Great club and great looking exhibition! I know it takes a lot of work to set this all up! I wish you good luck with your club’s exhibition, and hopefully most visitors will support your initiatives with some donations.
    Thanks for your fantastic comment on my blog and for taking your time because I see how busy you’ve been recently!

    1. Nothing can replace the joy in our hearts talking to wonderful people like you and it makes us stronger. As a club we have a group of people that help each other and make it easy then one person on his own. OK there are always some who do more than others but nromally it because they love what they do. Thank you for your compliments and it always nice to see that someone else will benefit also even if it is little bit which is better then nothing beside the exposure they get with visitors can only bring more help and support for their cause. Take care and have a super weekend yourself.

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