All the world is concerned about energy.. we just had recently a price hike and announcement on more nuclear power.. Did not like the idea so much nor the safety involved after what we saw in Japan. While it is all going around us I have prepared a new painting for my current annual art club exhibition running in November.. I decided to call it ‘Wind’.. I am sure it will never blow those politicians away… But hopefully will send a strong message and save our little planet. I am slow putting my painting up here as the exhibition is already on. So I would like to thank everybody that visited me and for all those great messages you all sent me in recent days. Have a great weekend and hopefully the message artists often try to express in their paintings would reach more listeners where ever they are . Hopefully it will make less harm to our lovely world and save it lasting longer for our children too.


It is placed in a prominent position at the exhibition and shout loud our message…

20 Replies to “Energy”

        1. As soon as I joined in I felt something was strange about me… Now you mention I feel much better, I must have truned into an artist. No wonder people start staring at me ha ha

  1. I loved the exhibition – so sorry to have missed you this morning.
    Also, your blog posts were not coming up in my reader – I couldn’t understand it, but then I realised I needed to re-follow for some reason – so I have now – hopefully I won’t miss any more pictures πŸ™‚

    1. Sound familiar I often lose people here but always find them back. Hope you chained my blog to your desk this time. At least you saw the real ones on the wall… and it is no longer a world of illusions.. thanks for finding me again.

  2. Beautiful message and powerful scene – love this new painting of yours. The deep blue tones brings a certain command for attention as they windmills whirl their big arms to the tune of the wind. Nice place at the exhibition – it will definitely be noticed.

  3. Your painting does make quite an impact there in the Exhibition Doron !
    Lovely intense blues and like feeling of infinity with the white chalky cliffs …

  4. This is beautiful, Doron (my favorite colors, too!), it conveys a feeling of the movement of the wind as well as a significant message in light of the decision to increase nuclear power. And it does stand out on that wall! Nice!

    1. Thank you Camilla hope someone is listening.. I feel we risk and drain our resources maybe nature can work better.. lets hope. I love those colours too. Have a great day and thank you for your support.

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