Three white on each side..

Dear friends, I first would like to wish everybody Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Chanukah.

In my Sevenoaks art club last session we painted to ‘Emotion’.  I felt quite Relaxed so the best place I associate it with, was the sea-side.. Hope it make you also relaxed.

The easiest way to take a photo with the long canvases was for both to be together.

Three on the right

Three on the left

Three white on each side

41 Replies to “Three white on each side..”

  1. dreamy … or is that me at this hour ..
    VERY relaxing Doron… the soaring companionable flight over the ocean blues …

    1. Thank you so much I think painting on board enhance the clarity too. Happy day sorry for late reply site was down for few days apology.

    1. Happy everything Marina we were cut out from WordPress but now back sorry keeping you waiting that long. Thank you missed seeing your smile…

    1. Hi Elena thank you very much sorry we were cut off for few days but now we are back to working blogging again. hope you had long happy day.

  2. Hello Doron, how beautiful these blues and birds are. Like yourself I’m having some trouble with our wordpress friend – but there is always a way, and it will clear up again, soon.

    1. Jane I think we both and many more suffered from the same problem but we are back it is pleasure to see you and the rest again. A lost family reunited again. Thank you and take care have a great day once the sun re shine x

    1. Hi Carl thank you my apology for late reply… jus thought to give you few more minutes to enjoy the seascape.. I had no WP admin capabilities for few days… lost my magic and I am still young… Good to see you again have a good day.

    1. Thanks Camilla sorry was out to space for a while thanks to WP server fault but just landed safely back this evening.
      I think we start sharing the same loves… seascapes to you too.

  3. Happy thanks giving and happy Chanukah to you too! So beautiful – these paintings are soothing and a pleasure to sit quietly and take in.

    1. Thanks Mary glade you can relax infront of my painting too and I can return what normally happening to me so I am not the only one that always relax enjoying watching yours.
      Thank you for the wishes too.

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