The Race

Sorry dear friends it is the first time I manage to enter my blog after wordpress server fault, my apology if I did not reply to you until now but as we say… we are back, so welcome back.

While the blue paint is wet I thought I should add another one to my collection for the exhibition. I have few more in mind but that might be for another exhibition but mean time put your sun-cream lotion, your glasses on and enjoy ‘The Race’ no betting please…

The race is on

32 Replies to “The Race”

  1. I love this one, Doron.
    I nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Every time I open one of your paintings, it brings a smile and a lift to my heart – your fluency, adventure, warmth and range of media. If you would like to accept the Award, the instructions are in my last post, and in the link also there, to Apothecary’s Garden. All my very best – Jane

    PS – I will send this by email too, in case you have trouble opening wp. The best way for me when it gets stuck, is to keep clearing cookies and cache and log in again. Takes a bit longer and more patience that’s all! Lets hope it clears soon.

    1. Hi Jane, You are special lady thank you so much for thinking on me. I do apologise as I don’t take awards here for one simple reason people like yourself visiting me and no award in the world could replace it. You are very kind and sure you would understand me. It is the great community we have here that is the best award I get every day. The problem was massive for many in recent days but I am sure that WP engineers did a great job to sort it out. I am an IT boy so I know a thing or two but that was beyond our reach. Thank you once again you know I mean it, have a great day xxx (I did receive your email today but had a rumour that we are back so waited to write here)

      1. Appreciate what you say, Doron. But an award doesn’t replace visits, it just extends our community. Anyway that’s fine.

        Yes I found the WP is back out of the ditch! How nice when the pages get moving again. Looking forward to your next! J.

        1. Jane, I understand what you say and truly appreciate it. Maybe it is something I was brought up with that say, what’s the point of getting awards for what you already enjoy so much anyway. For me it is not only the visits, as I understand that we all have a busy life out there. I always liked and believed in people their friendship and everybody always in my mind. I am grateful to know people like you and thank you for taking time to talk to me x

    1. Thanks it is pleasure I thought you are in bed.. I bet i talk to ghosts. sweet dreams it is half past midnight.. I must close the shop also. good night x.

  2. I love this abstract, Doron… and it’s different from your usual style too! It’s good to see you back here again. I had wondered what became of you. xox

    1. Thanks Linda I really appreciate your friendship. Some time in life we want to disappear and we can’t on other times we don’t want to disappear and someone else fixes it for us. I think that WP had a problem with their servers and many could not log in to our blogs. Be assured I would not leave this neighbourhood without saying goodbye… Whatever the reason will be I learnt in life that it is always great to say goodbye as you never know… Thanks for your comment I feel that the abstract wining me over… Slowly but safely.. Hope you are well and all is good with you also.

  3. Well there Doron I can smell the sea and see the energy in the sailboats – fabulous concept and design. Nice to see you ~

  4. Nothing just nothing going to stop those little boats Doron 😉
    Glad we seem to be fixed on the WP front !

    1. Poppy thank you it make a great different to feel everybody. Never thought it will mean so much.. Always great to see you around in my race you always in my boat x

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