The lake four trees and some ducks

I would not know how to spend a better day? Bough Beech host the MOPS and what a great afternoon it was. I have used the water oil base paints for the last time as I so much enjoy using proper oils…as you will see in future. It was cleaner and easier to use the water base, but I don’t mind i wonder if you have preference? I am sure they will return for the outdoors one day…

Bough Beech

37 Replies to “The lake four trees and some ducks”

    1. It is an amazing spot and I am sure I’ll go back again. Someone mentioned that when the blue bell hit the forest it is amazing so I am sure it will get painted and I look forward.

  1. Beautiful texture and light, Doron. Is this water based oil? It has a very fresh quality. I love the water and the winter trees and look forward to the bluebells!

    1. Thanks Jane it is with water base oil. the trees in the back ground are amazing like some dry monsters…. It is amazing how lucky we are to have such a beautiful around us on each corner we look.

    1. Tim Thank you so much I really appreciate your comment. I take it step by step and no doubt there are better days. And it is always pleasure to know that great artists like yourself are around to learn from and get good encouragement, thank you.

        1. I agree but I always enjoy walking it along with you my dear brother, it sound and safe and ten times more fun. Thanks for the company.

  2. Doron – this is my all time favorite of your paintings. Superb qualities of color, lines and atmosphere – you handle this medium beautifully. Congratulations – look at the water, very sweet in deed!

    1. Violet thank you very much, I love the outdoor scenes very much, but I need to work on how to paint water. This one was good but I always find I need to paly a bit and not always get it right.. who said painting is that easy? Ho yes it is…

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