Second visit to Teston Park

Teston Bridge is very beautiful so I have painted another angle in our second visit… Hopefully when I grow up and become an artist I’ll be able to paint you the all bridge in one paintings.. Have a very great weekend everybody and stay warm and safe in snowy USA.

Teston Monoment

12 Replies to “Second visit to Teston Park”

  1. That does look like a fine spot to set up your easel Doron – such nice fresh greens and wildflowers by the look of it !
    I can imagine it was a lovely painting outing with your group of friends .
    Enjoy your weekend :- )

    1. Thank you Poppy it is always great where we go, us and mother nature. Had a busy weekend but it is all over hope you had a good one too.

    1. Jane, Thanks for your kind comment. I normally look at those major strong construction and I have no doubt they have a stroy or two to tell…

  2. You are an artist Doron, we see your visions through your brushes – love your creations. Beautiful scene, I like the perspective you’ve given here.

    1. Thank you very much Mary It is great pleasure to hear it from you. I know I want to be one and there is more to do to become one. Of-course what we do is art and everyday it take more and more time and bring more and more joy and interest to my life. At least I am sure I am in the right direction and no doubt have the great company to do it with. Funny enough a lady asked me the other day what do you do and I said I am an artist… It made me think If I really was one. But wonder when you actually can say you are? After all we don’t walk with a badge, being a self taught don’t posses a diploma… I don’t sell every day paintings…? I always believe that as long as I paint often enough I am an artist.
      Thank you for your comment too.

      1. Perhaps a professional artist is one who sells their work. In my opinion a person who creates using a particular “medium” whether that is painting, sculpturing, etc. is an artist. In using their creativity and vision they bring life to a blank surface. It’s the process of learning, of discovery, and doing that gives the individual freedom to explore and express their artistic motivators as they turn visions into art. Every day I learn something new whether it’s with a new surface, technique, color, blending or subject – always one step closer and 10 jumps behind where I want to be. That is my motivation, to produce and see where this adventure takes me – what an opportunity. Just love it.

        It’s been such a honor and pleasure watching you take your art to new places – very satisfying.

        1. Mary good point and often I feel like a dancer on the art floor. more like a Tango dancer.. yes as they normally say one step forward two steps backward.. At times I feel that my Tango improved some how, at least the steps are forward…. I also find it as a huge world and I am all the time behind with what ever I do. I think probably the hunger keeps me on the look out all the time for new ideas that creeping in and delay me doing what I planned for yesterday… But I don’t find it bad at all as it keeps my interest going up. I can only say that I feel very privilege to be part of it as it is very fulfilling and enjoying world.
          Thanks for your kind comment about my work I am blushing.. I never been a big headed and probably will never be one. I feel that what you put in show up and the more I try and practice it takes me forward. I never realised I had so much energy for the subject. Maybe the circmstances of being ill with severe chronic pains keep me in as I doubt if I could maintain it with normal life unless I was changing to become an artist. I still feel that if you organised you could maintain one hour a day and still have good progress. Thanks for noticing a change in my work. I feel more confidence with it and I think I understand it much better then when I first started. Thank you so much for being one of my inspiration and someone I can talk and discuss it with. I really appreciate it and I thank you.

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