18 Replies to “Cold”

    1. I am going to buy such a suit.. watched them in action the other day.. they feel nothing! Stay warm… we get battered by strong winds and rain while you probably pouring the next glass of chardonnay… have fun there is simply no other way 🙂

    1. Now you know how I feel… I just order a penguine suit.. tell your snowmen to watch it I must add another wood to the fire.. Thank goodness the heart is warm, thank you for your support x

  1. Cold? Have you had a power cut too? touch and go here as to whether we actually get to cook our Christmas meal!!
    Penguins are lovely, by the way… 😉

    1. No we were lucky but as you can see Tonbridge is under water… Hope you managed to have a great Christmas even the weather was touch and go. Have a Happy New Year x

    1. Sending you warm hugs from wet England and very stormy. They call it winter and this year it causing bad havoc here. But we will get through it also. Stay warm, I am sure it is in your studio. Have a good weekend.

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