43 Replies to “Thistles”

    1. Wow thank you so much I am sorry it has gone as I finished it with the Christmas spirit.. but there will be much more in 2014 have a super New Year

    1. Susan thank you hope you had a good one. I am easy on the supply even I know you never have enough.. He was kind and I am sure it is soon back to painting. Have a super Happy New Year x

  1. He loves thistles, the way they turn purple. They look like shepherds coming to the Light in the cradle. May you find your stocking full, Doron, every day.

    1. Thanks Deb hope you had a good one yourself and no doubt new energy conserved for a great supper New Year. Have a Happy one with non stop ideas and snowmen rolling everywhere.. 🙂 x

  2. Hope you had a great Christmas and got loads of lovely treats from Santa! I like the thistles and I’m sure St. Nick would love them too 🙂

    1. Jess thank you very much yes I had a super time and hope you enjoyed the same. Have a super New Year and thank you for being around xx

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas – quiet and beautiful painting! I love what you did here, sometimes simplicity speaks loudly to be noticed and yours is lovely.

    1. Thank you Mary I always say less is better but sometime I over do it and here I managed.. I still was told I had to put less thistles.. OK in the next one.

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