It is a new Year…. Happy 2014 could not wait long enough to see you all again….

Our last MOPS session for 2013 year took us to Tonbridge and it was freezing… No doubt I’ll have to have some changes here to finish it off which I’ll add at the bottom. Mean time since our visit we had heavy storms and rain non stop and most of those places are under serious water. It is difficult and costly time for people who live there, leave alone very disruptive and danger and I hope that soon the weather will improve a bit so the water will subside and damage be kept at minimum. We are living in a very dynamic world lets hope that 2014 is good and safe for all.

Tonbridge corner tn

So that is how it looks once I finished it Happy painting.


20 Replies to “Last MOPS”

  1. Lovely! To see how your painting develops is so interesting – can we see more like this, please?
    Water here everywhere too – motorway this afternoon very hazardous. Glad to be warm indoors. Happy New Year xx

    1. Thank you very much Jenny. Yes the log fire is on the wind knocking everywhere and the rain washing us powerfully yet again. Keep safe kettle on and good book on πŸ™‚

  2. I like the swans you put in the finished version. Saw a single swan last night, flying upriver in the dusk; always wonder where they are off to, they look as if they know. Happy New Year, look forward to seeing your paintings and reading your blog in 2014. X

    1. Cara they must know otherwise they wont fly… We fly to our 2014 also. Your recent pohtos are amazing… please watch those night flying swans they can turn frogs… I have painted few smalls playing with colours soon to be published. Must get time to clear some garbage here before it is on. x

  3. It’s always good to see the stages of a painting, how it grows and how the colour deepens. This one really conveys the atmosphere and uncertainty of the floods and all the rain. And I love those swans

    1. Jane thank you… it is a sad story as many people suffering out there.. lets hope for less damage and quick recovery, although we expect another storm today…

  4. I love it, Doron. It’s another masterpiece!
    You stay warm and dry my friend!
    If I could, I’d fly over to visit you on Frazline. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Deb, hope it is free for you too.. you are always welcome here but at the moment make sure you board the plane with extra bricks under each wing…. as it is very stormy… Ifeel great seating in a washing machine rumbling around… πŸ™‚

    1. You are always welcome in our world just let us know you are around. It is not as beautiful at the moment as many flooding and poor people suffering but that is nature. I think there ios beauty in everything and learn to accept. Have a good week.

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