Piper Farm

A visit to Pipers farm with the MOPS produced 2 chickens and a compost bin

Piper's Farm


25 thoughts on “Piper Farm

  1. Lovely restful painting Doron . There’s something about pottering in the greenhouse … looks like they got their tender Geraniums under cover then 😉

    • Poppy that day I could easily turned a geranium in the green house.. it was freezing and all the layers I wore did not help… still enjoyed the day. Have a good weekend hope the weather is not that bad where you are xx

    • I don’t know I have a feeling we met somewhere else earlier… Ignor must be my imagination… I see so many things.. imagine I guess… ha ha have a good weekend.. I do love the outdoor by the way. Good weekend my lady xxx

  2. Lovely scene Doron, reminds me of when I grew up around farms just like this – nice work on the little greenhouse it shines as it breaths life into the new plantings.

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