Just returned from a super weekend from ‘Wombania Island’ for those who never heard about it, it is tucked deep in the Pacific. I was quite lucky as my dearest friend the millionaires ‘Debbie Adams’ whisked me away on a private jet of her friend ‘Fraz’ for FREE!

Fraz just started his own new airline ‘Frazline’ and you must use it because the service is amazing! You receive non stop supply of pizzas and chocolate and for dessert you get Debs speciality ‘Fraz Youth Capsules’ they are fantastic.. By the way Fraz use in his fleet the new ‘Fraz 999’ jet from ‘Frazbuss’ production company of-course and what shall I say, It is equipped with all the latest technology, a swimming pool, Cinema, Tennis court, a Wombania restaurant and even a small Skiing slope at the rear of the plane. Non stop milkshakes are served all the way also in the superb bars with unique flavours. You must try the ‘Lemon Shark Surprise’ it is out of this world.

On the island we met Debs friend ‘Fraz’. What an amazing character he is, don’t stop making you laugh for one second. He is a water sport enthusiastic and he took us deep sea diving to feed the sharks that grow the special ingredients for the ‘Shark Milkshake Surprise’. We also were allowed to use his latest model of fast canoe around his castle motes. A bit fast and scary but never had such a fun ride before!

Yes Fraz recently was nominated for the Noble prize for peace for making all the children around the world friends and his programme provided each member, friend with free pizzas and chocolate all year round. He also award you a bottle of the secret magic youth made by Deb each Christmas once you join his fun base. I had such a good time, thank you Deb and Fraz for a lovely weekend which I will never forget… and you, yes you that reading… what are you waiting for? Call your travel agent and book a ‘Frazline’ to ‘Fraz island’ right away. I am so grateful and don’t know how to thank them all at Wombania enough… But let me tell you I will come with some presents very soon, as they are my new heroes.

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  1. Well, I can tell you are now hooked on Wombaina and Fraz! Who would be. I’ve not meet one that hasn’t once they’ve visited Wombania!
    This post has got more goodies for Fraz in it that a chicken has feathers!…Wooo whoooooooooooo, will Fraz be happy.

    I think you are officially part Wombie and are eligible for adopting a Wombie. You can do that here http://www.wombania.com/wombania_adopt_a_wombie.htm if you want to loose your mind, in a good way of course. 🙂


      1. Fraz you did, it was the time of my life… I have thousands standing by my door since I returned asking for an autographs now I became your friend. It was very hard to go back to normality…

    1. Deb the greatest, I lost my mind on birth.. Just decorated my room walls with Wombies… I hope that is normal for a young chap like me.. all my friends have actresses… Do wombie adopt mindless people?… I am also available.. thanks for a great weekend 🙂

  2. Wow, that was a lovely tribute, Doron! I hope that all the Wombies treated you like royalty when you visited them. They had a great time entertaining you and would welcome you back anytime. All the chocolate and wine gums and pizzas and milkshakes are calorie-free when you’re in Wombania, but when you take them home they might cause some problems. So be careful.

    1. They were all amazing.. sorry I did not mentioned them as I did not take my tablets this weekend as I was excited.. as I am not that good with names.. I have a list here on the wall and I practice. I did not take any home with me as Fraz promissed to deliver them after the ‘Outwombania test’ he is doing for the next batch recipe. But thanks for warning me I found one in my pocket and I nearly gave it to a friend.

      1. You can still eat those treats away from Wombania, but I’ve been told that they can cause excessive weight gain for humans, that’s all. You survived your first visit, and that can be overwhelming. I’ll tell everyone to properly introduce themselves the next time you drop by.

        1. Binky thanks for letting me know, I can’t move from the chair since I returned.. Introduction will be great hope they all wear a badge I can’t ever remember them all.

      2. I’ll try to make everyone wear an ID badge the next time you visit.
        That’s the problem with Wombanian chocolate for humans. When eaten outside of Wombania it can cause weight gain. I need to work on that.

  3. What a great getaway Doron, really enjoyed the first class treatment you received. Your friend is quite the special one for giving you the once-in-a-lifetime dream trip – hope you enjoyed the swim and tennis courts while heading to the pacific island. So creative, love the art!

    1. Mary I always considered it to be a wonderful world. I told them over there everything about my friends and they told me that they will invite everybody for a great party soon.

      1. Of course all your guests are welcome to come over and enjoy all the free treats. But we can’t tell everyone or we’d be overwhelmed.

  4. I’m glad you had a good time uncle Doron! And thanks for the plane! It’s awesome!
    The next time you come over you should ride one of Binky’s rockets! I bet you’d like that! And in the summer we go pirating and treasure hunting! That’s always fun!

    1. Wow that is great idea… I was working on a rocket here in my invention celler.. I might have to relax and use your equipment instead. Love treasure hunting.. after all my dad told me I am a seventh generation pirates…. It will be great to live my history again. You sound great crowds over there and always having fun….

      1. Your relatives were pirates?! Maybe you have an old pirate treasure map we could use! Aunt Deb gave me a big pirate ship so we do a lot of pirate cruises in the summer!

        1. Of-course I would but they are all in the safe and we can’t find the key.. Cruises.. that sound great would they take me if I am under 60s?

      2. My pirate cruises aren’t for old people! They’re for pirates who want to go pirating. And treasure hunting! We have lots of pirate fun.

  5. What a wonderful trip! I’ve never heard of Wombania, but it sounds like an amazing vacation destination. Even getting there is fun — if you are flying on a plane with a swimming pool and ski slope, then you’re having some serious fun!

  6. Free chocolate! No wonder you had such a good time. I think that’s what gave you the energy to paint such lovely little Wombie portraits….

  7. What fun! Of course, I am not acquainted with the good citizens of Wombania, but your paintings make them seem enchanting! Free chocolate and a concern for world affairs…who could argue?!

  8. this is beautiful, Doron, please share to facebook! When you go back there, you could always drop by our town too, to go surfing 🙂

    1. Hi Joanne nice to meet you, thanks for your special visit and your invitation for surfing sound great, I am sure I’ll have to give it ago. Hope to see you around, wombania activities are amazing 🙂

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