3 Colours

Sometime I am trying to restrict my palette and work only with main 3 primary colours, or any just three colours. Someone challenged me with this one, if I can paint this painting in 10 minutes.. I normally paintΒ  quick… not sure why?!

3 colours

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    1. Thanks Anita I always prefer the loose fast fearless expressive ones. I am still learning from your brush moves and technique. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, I some time find that maybe there is less details and it is more expressive which I enjoy more. I think with more practice you can put more with confidence.

    1. Cara thank you very much, I some time fear that as I rush and the colours wet in wet they get little muddy. I know I should stop and keep it in layers but I like the quickness.. I enjoy it too as it is more loose. Have a super warmer weekend.x

    1. Hi Maria we don’t stand with stop watch but it is done very quick as it wet in wet. Mind you I often paint quick and love to learn to do some painting much slower. Thanks for visiting and comment have a nice weekend.

      1. My arts teacher always says that I need to learn how to paint and draw quickly…but it is really hard for me!!

        1. Try it you will be surprise. don’t worry about the results with time you will be impressed with your work. We all make mistakes not everything have to be perfect.

    1. Thank you very much I appreciate your comments, it worked this time. I some how prefer the wet in wet loose water colours. Good weekend.

  1. I think when we draw or paint quickly is because we feel full of emotions and sensations and we want to catch these instants. We don’t want that the state of the motif that woke up these feelings could escape.
    Thanks a lot because of visit to Sketchuniverse!

    1. It is pleasure visiting you thank you for stopping here. I totally agree itis the expression that you have inside and you want to bring them all out. Often they get stronger and develop as you paint. Have a great weekend.

  2. Now that’s a record worth breaking Doron! Amazing work in 10 minutes, beautiful use of a limited palette. Did you like this experiment and what did you learn?

    I know a painter that painted 10 minute paintings every day in 2013, she didn’t miss one (which is difficult, but we witnessed a very disciplined artist). Her medium was oil and acrylic, tools were brush and knife, and subjects landscape and seascapes. Could see her progress as her confidence of managing her subjects and 10 minutes. It was a great experience going on this journey with her.

    1. Mary, I read about such experience last year. To be honest it inspired me as I found that often I paint very quick and it build lots of confidence. With time I manged to insert more details but the most enjoying thing for me is that what I have inside I can quickly express and bring out. It give me some sense of achievment also with the subject I chose. I like to experiment slower also, but fast and quick work for me better. When I am slow I get so many changes and so many ideas which I don’t when I paint fast. But to be honest the more you experience it the better confidence and knowledge I get. Even if I do it wrong so next time I know I should not do it that way. Of-course after when I look I say I could do that and that.. but that is all for another painting. I’ll try to find where i read about it and mention to you some other time. Thanks for your great time and comments. Have a great weekend.

  3. This is a lovely piece. I love the colors and the flow. Such beauty created from your brush in minutes is a remarkable talent.

  4. That is an amazing piece of work, Doron! Some sprint! Gorgeous, alive and flowing. It is a great challenge to draw or paint something really fast – a sort of letting go.

    1. I love this type of challenge as I find I learn alot about my painting by doing some mistakes and trying to go for details that I have no time. Also the control of wet paint which is very interesting in water colours. Thank you for taking time to visit and comment I appreciate it.

  5. Ten minutes? You could become a painting factory! I probably wouldn’t have noticed the limited palette if you didn’t mention it. I looks good, and that’s mostly what matters.

    1. Binky I learn that life is running very quick for us but if you can enjoy what you do and who you do it with people like yourself visiting me, that is pricless.

  6. Doron, to say I am envious of you placing together such a lovely painting and composition within that short a time frame would be the understatement of my life!! I think this piece is just fabulous – esp. the simplicity of the blue water. Very nice work!

    1. Thank you very very much much. I pften paint very quick anyhow and at times I wonder if I should slow down but for some reason I don’t. beside I find that those quick one give me great understanding but often I feel i get the colours muddy. Thanks again.

  7. I like the idea of primaries, and usually that’s what artists are encouraged to do too I guess… It’s a lot of fun… You have done great with the RBY! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you very much. I always find it easier to paint with limited palette and if you use 3 main primeries you can mix nearly everything.

  8. Doron, I LOVE your work, especially Jerusalem. So soft, so rich in color. What a great challenge to work with only 3 primary colors! I will visit Jerusalem this spring and will be certain to bring my sketchbook & watercolors with me. Now I follow you! Marian

    1. Marian thank you very much I am over there also in the spring. It is beautiful place to visit and remember if you need any help just email me and I’ll help you. You will enjoy every second I am sure. I just vistied your site and I love your work so I am sure our way will cross each other.

      1. Thank you Doron, for the “follow” and the offer of help. You are so kind. I have not been there for 15 years and I look forward to going back for my grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. I’m sure a lot has changed there since by last trip.

        1. It is changing everyday.. at least the weather is guarantee to be good. All I can say is ‘Mazal Tov’! Have a great time and I am sure we will talk before.

  9. 10minutes … wow it’s just too awesome for that.
    I am so slow in painting that I can spend hours or even several days on just one piece.

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