I had in the past few paintings of jerusalem and I am sure I’ll have few more in future.. Enjoying water colours during the holiday make another one….

Jerusalem 1 tn




20 thoughts on “Jerusalem

  1. That’s the right thing to get something painted during vacation. I find it very difficult because I’m the only one who’d love to paint, meaning, we either have to travel or vacation alone or get some other people who like the same stuff. Many people cannot understand what’s so cool about sitting on one spot and drawing or painting. Nice works!

    • Thank you Inese I am an agreement and suffer from the same problem but I manage to go some time alone or with friends. Beside I always take a sketch book and few travel water colours just in-case. In recent year everyone I talk too is also painting.. not hard to find partners, the others want to learn to paint also…

  2. Jerusalem is very conducive to painting with water-colour.I love the washed out sepia colours and the whites that glare in the sunlight, contrasting so strongly with shade colours. You have caught the atmosphere so well. Tony

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