The Passage

Found this canvas during Christmas asking me to paint it… so ‘The Passage’ was painted.

Christmas Passage


45 thoughts on “The Passage

    • Binky you are a great explorer and advanture.. I love the idea very much and it give me few more ideas. Hope you are going to have a great weekend.

    • Thank you very much. I used here Acrylics. I love working with either but sometime I feel drying time is an issue so I rather use Acrylics. Good luck and have a super weekend.

    • Jess thank you very much I can see the fantasy very much I think that abstract take me there and it is quite enjoyable route. Have a great weekend and thank you for taking time to comment. 🙂

  1. I like how you said the canvas asked you to paint it — then you gave life to it. This abstract passage looks mysterious and neat, so you wonder what adventures lay waiting for you along the passage. Very nice!

    • Thank you so much… This is a personal passage and no doubt you will tell me about your experience once you walked along. Have fun and enjoy.

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