There is light in the distance

Hope you are having a good Monday.. This is my second painting in the series… And if you ask me about that light, I always believe that there is.. do you? Have a good week where ever you are… and hope the flame at the distance will warm all my friends that earlier wrote to tell me that the temperatures where they are are in the deep minus!

Light  at the distance

33 Replies to “There is light in the distance”

    1. Susan I knew you will be positive and no doubt your light beaming and always shining big. Thank you for taking time and always visiting and comment it’s making my light bigger too ♥

  1. I love this one!!! And I 100% agree with you…there is always light, even if it is in the distance! 🙂 Have a nice Monday you too.

    1. Maria thank you very much and I am glade you also believe there is a light somewhere… I also do believe there is one. Have a good day 🙂

  2. A warm, optimistic thought and painting. I agree: I do think there is always light. It can be hard to see sometimes, but I think it’s always there.

    1. Positive thinking my friend always never give up as there is always light out there even if somedays we need to search out ofr it. Thank you for visiting and making a comment have a good day.

    1. You having a great Monday because you are a star. Thank you for helping you to make it even slightly better, it always give me a pleasure to see you around. have a great Tuesday also and hope the light will shine for you everyday x

  3. I think that’s the planet Jupiter through my box telescope.
    It’s going to reach a high of -16 tomorrow (with a windchill of -30). Time for shorts and a picnic!

    1. You are silly Binky.. you giving up my secret with your telescope… -30 sound great, I am taking some stuff out of the freezer for a BBQ too.. Don’t forget to use the stick I have sent you..

      1. I thought everyone here had top-secret astrophysics clearance! Maybe no one will notice my comment. The BBQ is for midnight, so get out here!

        1. That sound serious my friend and I thought you are all sitting on the beach eating pizzas.. BBQ at midnight…. I’ll have to sneak out of the house while no one watch me as it is after bed time.. love BBQ!!!

          1. Frozen and Forbidden those are my words Binky bring it on.. We might see the three degrees all in one night… ‘FFF’ Fraz, Frozen and Forbidden

    1. Anything for a bit of light and warmth.. thank you very much Mary hope that where you are the minuses are over according to your spring subjects.

  4. I love this light and the colours around it and all the comments! How your painting is community and the subtle alterations in the winter mood. Lead on, lighthouse keeper!

    1. I love painting and I love people and maybe that is why I love people more. I always grateful for your sincere comment and kind visit, thank you.

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