On the Edge

Hope you are all well and looking forward the weekend…

Watch it… I am sure we all did it sometime in our life… When you watch it you think to yourself you wish you did not.. At least you are here to say it.

I love WordPress… this was a draft posts I prepared early in my box and yet I have three comments on it before I publish it.. Interesting and that is just to warn you that strange thing can happen when you stand on the edge… ( I actually found how come and david Blaine did not visit Kent yet nor my draft box!!!)… watch it!!!

On The Edge

Thats deep


18 thoughts on “On the Edge

    • Mary that is not a place to stand and be confused.. beside from here you need a good eyesight to see the bottom.. Hope you are not scared of hights.. Have a great weekend.

    • JAne I hope he is not going to get the wrong ideas and do his stunt as I have no insurance for my paintings yet nor for moving images.. Have a good weekend while I check what he looks like if he try..

  1. Really true, and painting illustrates it well! Being on the edge can have very different sequences.

    • Thanks Inese I used to stand that way and look now I do it differently.. with safety in mind. Maybe suit some of us to their life story… Have a good weekend.

    • Violet thanks you said parachute and I straight wonder as I don’t remember you do basejump as I was not aware about… but as soon as you said your broom I relaxed.. have a good week x

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