On the Edge

Hope you are all well and looking forward the weekend…

Watch it… I am sure we all did it sometime in our life… When you watch it you think to yourself you wish you did not.. At least you are here to say it.

I love WordPress… this was a draft posts I prepared early in my box and yet I have three comments on it before I publish it.. Interesting and that is just to warn you that strange thing can happen when you stand on the edge… ( I actually found how come and david Blaine did not visit Kent yet nor my draft box!!!)… watch it!!!

On The Edge

Thats deep

18 Replies to “On the Edge”

    1. Binky shouuush… they did after I took their photograph and imagine someone else read your comment here…. they will probably put policemen in every desert high spot..

    1. Mary that is not a place to stand and be confused.. beside from here you need a good eyesight to see the bottom.. Hope you are not scared of hights.. Have a great weekend.

    1. JAne I hope he is not going to get the wrong ideas and do his stunt as I have no insurance for my paintings yet nor for moving images.. Have a good weekend while I check what he looks like if he try..

  1. Really true, and painting illustrates it well! Being on the edge can have very different sequences.

    1. Thanks Inese I used to stand that way and look now I do it differently.. with safety in mind. Maybe suit some of us to their life story… Have a good weekend.

    1. Violet thanks you said parachute and I straight wonder as I don’t remember you do basejump as I was not aware about… but as soon as you said your broom I relaxed.. have a good week x

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