Wombania Comics

I have created a separate page for my Wombania on my site   Please open it quietly as it is very addictive and people known to get sucked to Wombania and never be seen again…

My friend Joanne just mentioned to me that she is working on the sole distributorship for Mr Zogs products on Wombania island to safe keep the wombies on their surf boards… and hope to launch it in the spring once she receive the new licence.. She reckons that maybe that is why people disappear on the island.. probably while surfing without the magic safety product… like every other product don’t use it without reading the instruction and make sure if under age that you supervised by an adult. Surfing in the ocean is hazardous and can make you scared for life…. I never surffed before so never heard on such products, mind you I learn painting not long ago.

Mr Zogs

If you want to enjoy an evening without the need to watch a boring TV, fly with Frazline to real Wombania by clicking on this magic link now.

13 Replies to “Wombania Comics”

  1. Mr Zogs tells me that it will only be able to be distributed to wombies if they shave first. I’m not sure what they would think about that..

    1. Ho don’t please wombies to shave.. it is as if you asked them to walk naked… they are based not far from the north Pole that means they will freeze to death.. Love the idea if you need my help I’ll talk to Mr. Zogs.. I can sell ice to Askimos.. Have a great weekend 🙂

    2. I think it would stick our feet to the board, and since the soles of our feet aren’t hairy, there should be no need to shave.

  2. We usually use chocolate to sick ourselves to just about everything, but sometimes in the warm sun it melts and isn’t very good. So this Mr. Zog Wax will probably work a lot better.

    1. You see I told you too much Chocolate you ‘sick’ over yourself.. ha ha Yes this *** wax is realy good.. I must try it on some people in the train..

          1. Just basics Binky…bikini or thongs will do in this weather… sorry for late reply I am away and will be back soon to my desk to punch your ticket to get aboard…

          2. Sorry Binky did not try to avoid you.. I just let you progress with your rockets.. I bet you have some arsenal by now!

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