Muriel Picture

Hi Friends, visitors, I owe you a little apology. I was not around here at the blog for some long time. Of-course I miss you all but unfortunately my chronic pains flared up to a very bad level and I hardly can control it nor sit up in-front of my pc. If you made a comment or gave me a like, thank you for doing so, I really appreciate it and promise I’ll reply to you all as soon as. If I am not here forgive me as I would not miss this place for the world. If I ever stopped blogging trust me I would not do it without letting you know. Thank you for your friendship and sticking by me. I have few paintings I did early that I can use for a while.. I miss you all and I’ll see you around for short visits. Have a great weekend…

Muriel my friend take some nice photos around Cumbria where she lives and often I like to quickly sketch paint them..

Muriel Walk

Final version with extra layer…

Muriel plus 3 tn

See you soon and take care where ever you are, Doron

62 Replies to “Muriel Picture”

    1. Thank you please look after yourself and be good…. take a short walk in the corridors.. I am sure you will smile. Being back here already make me feel slightly better.. I am looking for this magic button and it is hard to find it in the dark. Have a good weekend I tell myself positive thinking…. what does it mean it don’t work xxx

  1. The painting looks great and I specially like the tree branches in front of the blue sky.
    Wishing you the best for your health and life.

    1. Thank you so much, I’ll shortly check what the latest in fashion over your Blog and no doubt it will make me smile and better. Have a great weekend and don’t spend too much this weekend.. Sure you can’t go anywhere in this car wash we are living in at the moment.. 🙂

  2. Doron, my friend, be well soon – that’s an order!! 🙂
    Seriously – you take care of yourself and worry not – your friends are here.
    Beautiful art – as always.

    1. Hey great to see you back hope the move went perfect and you enjoy the new place. Sorry it is a mess but I am doing my best. I am logging off you take care missed your present good to see you back also. Have a great weekend xxx

  3. I like the way the sketchiness of the picture goes so well with the subject… the seasons outdoors, the movement of animals, they’re all so fleeting.

    I hope you feel better soon and thank you for sharing your pictures.

  4. So sorry to read this Doron – I do hope you start feeling better and that the pain subsides. Lovely painting – we’re thinking about you, take care.

  5. So sorry to hear how awful you are feeling. Just let me say that I really like the painting, and not to worry about comments. Just take care and feel better.

    1. Elena thank you very much it is a long process and there are many not so good days and hours… I try to paint over but some days are a struggle.. But I am not going to give up. Thank you for being around it is well appreciated.

  6. Doron, I hope you are feeling better tonight. Pain management is very hard. Lovely atmosphere in that painting. It’s a nice idea to photograph it at different stages and levels. Wishing you the very best, and hope it is easing up.

    1. Jane thank you very much it is a learning curve process and some hours are not as good as the others but thank goodness for painting I some hours manage to ignore it is there… Thanks for being here x

  7. Dear Doron, I am saddened to read about your suffering. I do hope you feel better sooner rather then later. I was wondering where you were. Lovely painting. Take care. XX

  8. dear Doron am very sorry to hear that you’re having such a rough time I hope it works out very soon . xfeelbettersoonhugx
    Lovely painting ! I’m away at the moment and not on the net very much saw this .

    1. Thank you so much thanks for the lead did not see it before I follow it now. I appreciate thank you for your help and time to comment. I have tried helping other fellow chronic pains in the past but I had difficulties with my own problems. I will see what they do thanks again.

    1. Thanks Carole I am working on it over 4 years.. I still believe it will happen one day.. with you keeping me smile here.. I already feel little better x

  9. Dear Doron ,
    Sorry to hear you are not feeling good. Please take care and not worry about comments. Just take rest .
    Recently I’m little bit busy and sometimes only posting without answering friends comments or reading their post as I’m late here too.
    Hope you feel better soon. Don’t forget years ago you, me, poppy talked about a tea party! So get well soon and I will arrange one! 😃❤️

    1. Violet thank you so much for your kind words. I’ll come to the tea party even on a stretcher.. mind you my story last a bit longer and not sure it will change very quick. there is days I don’t reply but I miss everybody here and I have decided even if I reply few each time it is something. I feel guilty when someone make an effort to comment and I can’t even say thank you. I might need to take a break from it all but until then I must push and enjoy every second of your friendship and company. Thank you and everyone for being here. You look after yourself my dearest friend Violet and look after your family too. xxx

  10. These two pictures of the same scene
    show us your awesomeness at the easel
    my wonderful friend. Believe me I do
    like this great offering and I know this is
    a very late comment, being that you
    added this in February of 2014 but wow
    Doron, I am pleased that I called in today
    and found this posting. You are a genius
    with paint and brushes my wicked friend
    and I hope that those pains that you suffer
    from are not a regular thing…

    Have fun today Doron 🙂


    1. Maestro Andro, you make me blushing getting such comments from a talent I support. I just hope that one day I would fulfil your great statement here. Glade to have your kind royalty visit 🙂

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