Light Shower

Somebody must be responsible for switching the water it could not start itself.. and it is raining ever since… keep warm and make sure you are dry, there are people less fortunate at the moment and we are all thinking about them.

Light Shower

30 Replies to “Light Shower”

    1. Hi Jenny thank you. Not as good as I like but I have decided to do few minutes here to escape the not so nice. Thanks hope you are on dry land have a good weekend 🙂

    1. Marina, it is quite nasty for some I never knew there could be so much water above our heads.. And today a month rain in few hours.. what a wonderful world. Hope you are OK and going to have a nice special Valentine Day xx

        1. Thank you, what a good idea.. at the moment the wind is howling and the rain lashing but we are better off then many. Hopefully there will be a break soon for them also. Have a great weekend Lady M 🙂

    1. Some time I think I am superstitious.. I thought I’ll do the stop rain dance and put a big picture about light rain.. what we get? heavier rain.. I am not doing the lottery tonight..

    1. Jane I thought if I’ll start do my stop rain dance and put a poster for light rain someone will listen.. does not look as someone did so far.. It is horrendous day out there and hope that some relieve is on the way for those poor people. Hope you are sfae and dry have a good weekend x

    1. Carol no worry do you want a swap… by now we are expert on water send me your request quantity it is easy.. We have plenty available even for others around the world. Smile and have a great Valentines Day 🙂

    1. I can share your feeling now.. did not work few minutes ago.. but I can sense it better… In our situation you have to believe xxx

    1. Great I thought for a minute you come to check the weather.. No worry your visit wordless is also appreciated thanks for taking time to cover such great distence and see me anyhow. Have a nice weekend and keep well. 🙂

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